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Seriake Dickson Slams Death Penalty On Kidnappers

In a bid to curb kidnapping in Bayelsa State, the Chief Executive of Bayelsa State, Hon Henry Seriake Dickson has signed into law death penalty in the state kidnapping bill last week.

Speaking Hon. Dickson justified his action of slamming the kidnappers death penal stressing that anyone who kidnaps his fellow human being in whatever guise is inhuman and deserves not to live adding that some even die in the process.

Speaking further, he said to newsmen, he could not imagine young able men kidnapping old people in a bid to amass wealth.

According to him, it is barbaric criminal and inhuman, saying that such people deserve to die and not live “just imagine the trauma and psychological emotional trauma these old people go through in the hands of these young abled body men. They do not even care for the old age, they will drag an old man or woman who has not done anything to observe such cruel treatment, taking into the bush in the guise of wanting to exploit the old man or woman, son or daughter, such thing will never be encouraged in Bayelsa State”.

He also stated that most of the kidnappers come from neighbouring state to use Bayelsa creeks to carry out the heinous trade, pointing out that such will never be encouraged in Bayelsa State, hinting that criminality in any guise will never be encouraged in Bayelsa.

He maintained that now that the bill had been signed into law, he is waiting for the first victim to implement the law.

Stressing that there is no going back, his government will take  serious with the lives of the elders and the entire people of Bayelsa State, in which he swore an oath to protect and defend their rights, throughout his stay in office as the State Chief Executive of Bayelsa State. ###

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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