Discover the Spiritual Coach, The Living Godman

Since the lower education-training center was set up for soul in the lower worlds of God, Man in human body has intrinsically craved to know God. Man with this craving set up different forms of worship all in an attempt to communicate with God Almighty, his Creator. But man has not succeeded because his approach had been wrong since that time and some are still using the same wrong approach today in what is known as some animistic religious worship and some in orthodox forms of worship. These forms of worship are characterized by man’s perception of being separated from God and as such man continues to make supplications to God, shout on God, beseech God endlessly despite the fact that man has not gotten a response from God. This misconception about God has led man to where he is today, existing, dying, being re-born, going through the same experiences, dying and only to reincarnate again and again. This going and coming, though done unconsciously by man, leads to a certain refinement in spiritual qualities. But the journey is laden with difficulties when there is an easy way for man to gain spiritual liberation.

Let us retrace the spiritual purpose of man in this world to have an understanding of what man needs to do. Man was created initially as soul, a spark of God. This spark of God is an atom of God possessing all the spiritual attributes of God known as wisdom, power and love (charity). Soul, a unit of consciousness also possesses all the characteristics of God known as omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. These are also known as the ability to be present in all places at once, capable of knowing all things and being all powerful. But all these qualities are only in a potency form but needs to be developed so that Soul could put these inherent qualities into good use so as to serve God fully.

A spiritual training center had to be made available for soul to develop all these qualities. This led to the creation of the lower heavens beginning from the fourth to the first, which is located in the physical worlds. But it is worthy of note that all along Souls had resided in what is known as the pure spiritual worlds, which cannot be inhabited by any material forms But after the lower worlds of materiality was created, souls were sent down to various training centers on the fourth, third, second and first heavens and some were sent to our own universe consisting of the physical worlds including our own mother earth.

Before Souls could train at these centers, a uniform had to be provided for them so that the coarse vibrations existing in these various centers would not affect them. The uniform chosen for the earth world is the HU-man body. Other training centers like Venus and other planets had similar or different sheaths protecting soul and serving as uniforms to enable them partake in the trainings conducted in these centers. This is why the world is now discovering that there are beings in other planets that man is not familiar with like extra-terrestrial beings. All of us are souls coming over to learn and know who we are, discover our inherent spiritual qualities and eventually find our way back home to God.

But it is worthy of note that before the advent of this training God had made a promise to soul that even though soul was descending into these training centers HE, God, was going to be with them in whatever form they take for their training. In order words, soul was not going to be left alone in this training and on this journey. God promised to guide them through the training and eventually lead them back home to the pure spiritual heavens when they were ready. But the form God has chosen on earth today is the HU-man form known as the Living Godman, the Spiritual Coach.

It is the duty of the Spiritual Coach to lead all those souls who are ready back home to the heavens of God. This implies that God had always being with man from the beginning of his training here in the lower worlds. The responsibility of man has always been to discover the Godman and begin his journey back home to God. But before this journey must begin, man must learn some certain home truths about himself or herself. These home truths can only be taught by the Living Godman and not by any religion. These teaching can only be imparted spiritually. Let me enumerate some of these home truths below.

First and foremost, man must realize that he is Soul created in the image and likeness of G and as such has never been separated from God. As Soul, he is eternal, deathless and has all the attributes of God in a potential form and through spiritual training, he can realize and manifest these attributes of love, wisdom and freedom. He should realize that within the HU-man body is Soul and it is this Soul that gives life to this HU-man body of clay that man cherishes so much above soul.     Thus, It is not the Human body that is created in the image and likeness of God, but the Spiritual aspect of man known as Soul.

Secondly, man should realize that Soul exists simply because God wills it. If God did not love soul so much, the universes would have no life. But since God loves Soul unconditionally, Soul has existence. Man should therefore realize that he does not need to be anything else to get the love of God, but realize that he is a minor God living within the Macrocosm, God. So no matter what man must have done, once he accepts his responsibility, he can still begin his journey back home to God.

Thirdly, man should realize that not until he is able to free Soul from the enfoldment of the hu-man body, he would continue to live with the illusions of life that he regards as reality. Since God is the only reality, man should then seek God and know god and finally serve God with all his heart and might. For a man to serve god, he must first and foremost be trained under the tutelage of the Spiritual Coach whom God has appointed to teach man and lead man to God.

Man must also realize that he does not need to die to visit the pure heavens of God which can be accessed on the fifth, sixth, seventh, eight to fourteenth planes (heavens). While living a righteous life may not guarantee, passage into the pure heavens of God, knowing the Spiritual Coach would enable the spiritual student visit the heavens of God while still alive.

How then can one discover the Spiritual Coach?

Anyone who is sincere about loving and knowing God can visit God while still alive by first and foremost seeking the spiritual Coach, the Living Godman. This is because the Living Godman is the Way Shower, the one and only appointed to lead Souls who are ready back home to God. The seeker can indicate interest by singing the Holy Name of God, HU that would make god respond to man in a way that is recognizable. Once man sings the HU, he is sending a message of hope and love to God that he is ready to begin his journey back home to God. God will then appear to the seeker through the image of the Living Godman.

To be continued.



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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