Holy Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body

In continuation of the Series: Common Spiritual Terms, one area that needs dwelling upon is the relationship between the body, mind, Soul and the Holy Spirit. It is the misunderstanding of these that makes most of our priests and pastors make statements like ‘My Soul’.
It is impossible to own Soul but rather ‘We are Soul!’
For if man owns Soul, who then is man?
The body of man is said to be the Temple of God. But we were not told how the HU-man body is this Temple of God. For if this is true, how come man continues to rush to church every Sunday in an attempt to communicate with God in an earthly temple when a greater temple resides within man.
It is simply because man does not know how to access this temple within.
This belief of man that God can only be accessed within a physical building is adopted from pagan worship from olden days. In those days man could not realize that the way to God lies within man. Through self appointed priest very much like self appointed ‘men of God’ of today who simply arrogated undefined spiritual powers to themselves and the rest of us just meekly followed. The places where these so called ‘men of God’ chose became places of worship and locations for spiritual power and administration.
Thus the concept of man looking for God in the outer building began millions of years ago. Man since then had not realized that the elusive kingdom of God is within man. Every Sunday therefore, man goes to the outer temple only to be told how ancient men of God interacted with God. Most of our Holy Books today actually contain the efforts of other individual who had spiritual encounters with God or the Holy Spirit more than five thousand years ago.
When is the sophisticated man of today going to have his personal experience with God?
Man cannot have his own personal experience with God because the religions of today apart from a handful, cannot teach man how to have a personal experience with God. This is why there are so many religions in the world today all promising to lead the gullible man to prosperity and earthly riches since this is one of the common ways man is perceived to be close to God.
Material riches though necessary in this world cannot be an indication of man’s closeness to God. For any individual who is spiritually inclined knows that the attachment to material things is the golden chain that fastens man’s consciousness to this earthly plane and makes it virtually impossible for man to find his way into the inner temple within man.
In other for man to console himself, he remains at the threshold of ‘belief in God’. Man thus believes in God without knowing God. For there is a valley of difference between belief in God and knowing God. The man who believes in God cannot have any rest until he experiences God and through the help of the Spiritual Coach only can he eventually know God.
Any man that believes only in God does not know God. For if man has not experienced God how can he then know God?
Knowing God begins with knowing who we are spiritually, our relationship with the body, man, Soul and the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the Voice of God. It is that essence of God that creates nourishes and sustains all the universes of God from the pure spiritual heavens to the coarse universes in the physical worlds. It can be seen as Light and heard as Sound by the spiritual faculties of man.
God our creator resides in the Ocean of Love and Mercy and through the Holy Spirit that continuously flows from the heart of God, all creations are sustained. This Holy Spirit flows out in a centrifugal wave unto the end of creation and returns in a centripetal fashion back to the throne of God. This Holy Spirit of God is thus that essence of God that pervades all the creations of God. No one can live outside this Holy Spirit of God.
Soul, the Spiritual aspect of man is created from the fabric of this Holy Spirit. It is therefore said to be created in the image and likeness of God. That image is known as Soul. For the man who has the eyes to see, this Soul looks like a million stars put together. It is the Light and Sound of God. This is the Holy Spirit individualized. It is eternal, for it has no beginning and no end. It does not die for it has all the attributes of God ie omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence but in an unrealized form. It is therefore sent down from the heavens of God to realize Itself.
On Soul’s descent from the pure heavens, it needed some tools for Its spiritual education for there is a gulf of difference between the pure heavens of God and the lower heavens. Soul is therefore ‘enfolded ‘with the mind to be able to exist in the worlds of matter, space and time. The mind therefore is a tool for Soul to use in experiencing life in the lower heavens otherwise known as the psychic worlds.
Between the pure heavens and the lower heavens is a vast space containing the heavens of most religions. This is where Soul goes to when the HU-man body is at rest every night. This is the meaning of that concept of ‘I die daily’. For every night man goes to sleep, the Spiritual aspect of man which is the real self, journeys into the heavens of God. This is called dream by man.
But the dream worlds are more real than the physical.
In the third division which is the physical reality, man is further enfolded with another sheath known as the physical body. It is actually the ‘school uniform’ that man uses in this physical world to experience the love of God. This physical body dies, and gets rotten and goes back to the soil. But this is not the real man. It is like a child who goes to school every day and learns some things and later drops the old uniform for another to go to a higher class in the next session at school. This is why most of us can see our dead relatives while we are asleep for nobody dies. They simply dropped the HU-man body, the physical uniform after it is old and worn out and in a process known as reincarnation, they pick up another body through physical birth and continue life where they merit.
This is therefore the relationship between the HU-man body, mind, Soul and the Holy Spirit.
Soul uses the mind and the HU-man body as a tool to experience life in the lower worlds. But the ignorant man calls himself ‘My Soul’. The spiritually awake man says ‘I am Soul and I own a body called John!’
But for man to know who he is, he has to unfold through all the bodies he is enfolded with. The way for man to do this is for man to be linked to the centripetal flow of the Holy Spirit to ride the waves back home to God. The only individual who can assist Soul do this link-up is the Spiritual Coach who is also known as the Living Godman, the Living word, whom God has elected to lead all Souls who are ready and willing, back home to God!
Some individuals are not ready for they are still frolicking in the gardens of prosperity and power. But the law of Spiritual evolution will one day compel man to seek the Wayshower when man is ready. For the vicissitudes of life would make man to desire the Living Godman and man would become the seeker. He would search for God everywhere but where God is.
God resides only in the hearts of man, the Inner Temple.
The way to this Inner Temple begins with the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God.
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