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– Allanso Jonathan Allanso

Believers  of Yahweh all over the world would celebrate the Saviour of mankind sacredly called and addressed Yahoshea-Ha-Meshiyach on October 2, 2011, being Sunday at Port Harcourt, No. 4A Elechi Beach, Mile 1 Diobu, behind the UBE board building.

The scribe of the spiritual organization (Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach, HAYM), Chosen Bala,  extends invitation to the entire public to attend the unigue spiritually epoch making salvation event, as spiritual lectures will be delivered by anointed seasoned Teachers of Yahweh, the Grand creator.

In a chat with this weekly chosen Babiah Bala, the secretary General of the Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach disclosed that the 25th December Christendom celebrate as the birthday of the Saviour is a date fixed by the papacy, and that  they do not have any record of the birth of Yahoshea. He stressed that the 2nd of October was revealed to the promised comforter of the world, known as most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi-Ha-Meshisyach by Yahweh, whom he said was drafted into this part of the world to correct the scriptural anomalies of all forms of religions to conform to a unified religious worship for Yahweh the creator.

He maintained that nobody can doubt a prophet sent by Yahweh, pointing out that there are so many facts that are backing his claim.

Chosen Bala, hinted that before King Herod died, he heard of the birth of Yahoshea –Ha-Meshiyach, but they deviated. Historians of that generation also acknowledged that there was no record to confirm that the Saviour was born on 25th December, because that was the same period King Herod of Rome died. Hence they put the world in confusion since Egypt was the reigning spiritual power, emphasizing that no man can disprove a prophet of Yahweh.

Throwing more light on the issue, the soft spoken clergy queried they could state that the Saviour died on Friday when they did not even know when He was born? Saying that it is only a prophet sent by Yahweh that could prove the truth.

He said From the time Yahoshea died till now is well over 1000 years, noting that in every 1000 to 2000 years, a prophet is sent by Yahweh into the world, adding that prophet Yahmarabhi-Ha-Meshiyach was that prophet that was sent into the world by Yahweh in this generation.

The learned clergy lectured that there are materials given to the prophet by Yahweh to teach the world so as to correct the anomalies in all religions  to have a perfect unifying form of religion and worship. These materials are now  available to only those who acknowledge the prophet as Yahweh sent prophet.

He also proved that there are self styled prophets in the world. Hence he stated that a Yahweh sent prophet do not manufacture lecture rather they are dictated to him by Yahweh who sent such prophets into the world and these teaching must have to be documented for the world to make use of it for the purpose of changing their lives for salvation.

Chosen Bala argued strongly that he doubted that there is any other prophet in the world who can prove that he has a book given to him to teach the world other than that of the general Bible every person is using, claiming that his prophet, most senior prophet Yahmarabhi-Ha- Meshiyach has a book, given to the world by Yahweh through him, called “The Originally Inspired Scriptures (HOIS). You can also call this prophet the sacred name claimer giving us the mind to believe that Yahmarabhi indeed is the promised comforter promised the world by Yahoshea. Because the message he received came directly from Yahweh, delivered to him by the Arch-messenger. All this are recorded in the HOIS.

He further revealed the activities lined up for the Saviour’s birth as normal service at the Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach, Port Harcourt worship centre.


According to him, Yahoshea’s birth will be lectured on that day.

Chosen Raziah Bala used this medium to invite the entire public to be part of this salvation epoch making event to know properly the truth about the birthday of the salvation of mankind, basically quoting the Holy Bible to prove all the facts therein for all and sundry to know.

The able secretary general of the religious organization urged the entire learned clergy and scholars to come and pose there numerous questions to him for answers.

In his conclusion, he appealed to the public to do well to attend church with the purpose of attaining salvation, stressing that choosing one denomination because it is one’s parent’s church is totally out of place. According to him, there are spiritual principles as well as ordinances the creator has instituted for man to follow to attain salvation. He quoted Act 4: 12, Rev. 14:1, stating that there is no other name given onto men whereby they could be saved. ####

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