M.F.M Ends Week Long Activities

The house fellowship week observed by theMountainofFireand Miracle Ministries, Borikiri branch, which featured preaching, salvation, healing and prayers, has come to an end.

The one-week programme which commenced on October 3, 2011 with the theme, “Old Time Religion And Present Day Church”, was also used to organize evangelism, teaching prayer section, night vigil and visit to the Nigerian Navy hospital, Borikiri, where the group prayed for the patients and gave them items.

Pastor Segun Anifowose in his sermon expressed the need for Christians to observe and maintain the old time faith as being recorded in the Bible.

He said the first step is to accept Jesus Christ as one’s personal saviour, saying that such efforts would enable a child of God to get power and operate spiritually.

“Christians must resist evil at all times, always observe and worship the living God, avoid sin at anytime, obey and listen to the word of God, then the power of the old time religion will surely manifest in their lives”, Pastor Anifowose said.

He enjoined Christians to roll away all forms of filthiness that could hinder them from obtaining and maintaining the power of God, such as anger, fornication, idolatry, fear, lies, laziness, lack of medication and not reading God’s word.

The pastor explained that when such problems are rolled away, the power of God would surely come and advised Christians to learn to develop stubborn faith with which they could obtain blessings from God through prayers.

Also speaking, a member of the Regional House Fellowship Committee, Pastor Edem, described discipline as an essential tool for the old time religion.

Discipline, he said, was the hallmark of good child of God who obeys constituted authorities, and for the General Overseer, pastors. leaders both in the church and outside, adding that “indiscipline is the product of sin and immaturity in the things of God.”

He pointed out that the consequences could manifest in the areas of lack of focus, lost of power, purity untamed tongue and uncontrollable anger.

Pastor Edem advised Christians to be prayerful at all times, observe fasting and wait on God or spiritual direction. ###


Annie Brown

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