Tips for Clean Healthy Environment

The Advantages of VIPLs

They are odourless.

No water required for flushing.

No fly infestation.

The provision of adequate toilets for boys and girls schools can encourage use and thus reduce disease transmission.

Equally, provision of wash hand sinks will enhance washing with soap before meals and after defecation. This doubt significantly reduces the risk of diarrhea disease.

It is a known fact that children spend most of their time in school. The school environment and practices therefore play a m difference in their hygienic behaviour. This provides the required opportunity for positive influence on hygienic attitude and practice in children while they are still young. This then translates that what they learn in school will result in sound hygienic practices, which will in turn be practised at home and passed on to peers, their own children and the society at large. Poor sanitation has a devastating effect on the health, economy and development and slows down poverty eradication programmes.

It is imperative therefore to embrace the construction other methods of exereta disposal that do not require water and cc effective such as sand and blast as multi-compartment ventilated improved pit latrine (VIPLS). There exists (VIPLS) toiletsFederalGovernmentCollege, Ijanikin,Lagosand students are using them. It reduces their pressure on the water carriage system as well as indiscriminate defecation at corners of classrooms and hostel and nearby bush.


Exposure to air pollution and chemicals trigger asthma, which is a principal cause of school absenteeism. PB in particular puts children at risk of diminished intelligence, school failure, delinquency and diminished achievement.

The vulnerability of children to these environmental factors also make their actions imperceptive, considering that they are most vulnerable to environmental health hazards because exposures which may be relatively harmless to adults can be potentially devastating to them. Schools are good setting to intervene in promoting an environment that is conductive for children’s growth and development. The school environment is the most influential factor on child development. Consequently, an integrated school Environmental Health Programme should be instituted in schools. #####


Emeka Jilly Ejiowhor


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Tips for Clean Healthy Environment


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