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For a hunter to dig giant rabbit hole half way and post pone to the next day is a pure waste of energy, for the rat will surely leave the hole before the next day. One thing that borders me and which makes me eschew evil includes but not limited to what people would say about me when I die.
I was told about an enlightened son who wrote in his late father’s biography that his late father was a womanizer and a chain smoker. He also wrote, I was told, that his father would go to hell since according to him, he never lived a Christian life.
The son was accordingly rebuked by mourners and sympathizers who felt that the son did not act right when he wrote such nasty things about his father. The son rightly responded that he was only being sincere and honest and need not be fair if being fair would make him economical with the truth.
Life and death are unidentical twins. They have the same history and share the same description but whereas one is about the beginning, the other is about the ending. But the two entangle man innocently. Man thus has no power over them. It is about coming and also about going.
Whatever we do therefore becomes an episode of our life story and people recap when we die. However, the conscious conspiracy against the evil one committed while alive is the crux of this piece. It seems society allhores a thorough and sincere account of the death and exaults his better reports at the detriment or expense of his ugly side. The result of this is an unbalanced biography or tribute we continue to be inundating at every burial or funeral ceremonies.
We know those we have lived with, worked with, or served. We know their ugly pictures and how some of them contributed negatively to make society and Nigeria in particular backward the way it is today. Yet we continue to eulogize them in pretence as though they are or were saints. It is my restricted view that society should not shy away from calling black, black and stop to call it white when the chips are down.
In any case, we should balance our reports. If somebody was good and he also did something obviously negative whose action contributed to the downfall of one or the society at large we should always have the temerity to say it accurately and not to suppress the evil he did and over blow the infinitesimal contributions he made. All he did both good and evil are his actions and history. There should thus be a community reading of his citation. This forms the bane of the biblical injunction, “for God shall bring every thing including every secret things into judgment, whether they be good or evil”. See Eccl. 12:14.
When our former chief of General staff, Real Admiral Augustus Aikhomu did, all saw people doing was the pouring of unnecessary and unmerited, unwitty and artificial encomium. Many challenged death for taking away the messiah of Nigeria. “He was a saint, he was a Jesus, a Christ, an innocent king etc”, the accorded.

Nobody mentioned how he read the June 23rd, 1993 annulment script. How he connived with his mentor, I.B.B to annul the adjudged freeist and fairest June 12 to attempt to keep and perpetuate themselves in power. A thing that Africa is known for. Sitting tight in power. But I shall not fail to reproduce the annulment announcement that late Aikhumo staged in the comfort of Aso Rock to make on that fateful day after Nigerians have been tricked by him and Babangida to exercise their civil rights or then later he was to make mess of the people’s franchise. The interim injunctions or orders especially the one of court 10 in Abuja, presided over by Justice (Mrs.) Bassey Ikpeme prompted by Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe created the leeway and thus became the ladder for late Aikhomu’s tactics; delay tactics or the infamous Maradona. The political crisis that came as a result of Aikhomu’s address caused the incarceration, torture and of course, untimely death of many Nigerians who protested the unpopular and anti-people announcement of Aikhomu -Listen to your angel Aikhomu.
“In view of the spate of litigations pending in various courts, the federal military government is compelled to take appropriate steps in order to rescue the judiciary from intra-wrangling.
These steps are taken so as to protect our legal system and the judiciary from being ridiculed and politicized both nationally and internationally”
“It is common knowledge and an indisputable fact that the last hope of all law abiding citizens is the resort to the courts. Government will not fold its arms or despair in the fact of this unfortunate and unwarranted situation which is fast eroding the esteemed honour and confidence with which the public holds the nation’s judiciary.
“Undoubtedly, our judiciary came a long way, spanning a judicial journey of several decades. Therefore, no responsible or responsive government would watch its judiciary built on sound and solid foundation to be tarnished by the insatiable political desire of a few persons.
“In our attempt to end this ridiculous charade which may culminate in judicial anarchy government has decided to:
(1) Stop forthwith all court proceeding pending or to be instituted and appeals thereon in respect of any matter touching, relating or concerning the presidential election held on June, 12, 1993.
(2) The Transition to Civil Rule Political Programme Amendment No. 3 Decree 52 of 1992 and the presidential Election Basic Constitutional and Transitional Provisional Decree No. 13 of 1993 are hereby repealed. All acts or omissions done or to be done by any person, authority etc. under the above named decrees are hereby declared in valid. ###

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