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PHCCIMA Boss Celebrates Birthday With Appeal To Humanity

The Port Harcourt club 1928 squash section was agog on December 1, 2011, being Thursday with friends, associates, contemporaries and family members of one of Niger Delta’s finest sons of the century, Engineer Vincent Furo, the President of Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (PHCCIMA) gather to celebrates his birthday with style, making a passionate appeal to humanity for a change of attitude to affect society positively.
In a chat with our correspondent, the humble PHCCIMA boss said he felt great being alive to celebrate his birthday.
He appealed to humanity to be more considerate in life in everything they do.
Engineer Furo offered a passionate appeal to those in position of authority to be considerate in the manner and way they treat their fellow human beings, pointing out that whatever position one holds today in the society is not permanent, urging them to have feelings in treating their fellow human beings.
Stating that whatever position one is holding today does not mean that such person is all and all rather such persons should understand that he or she is lucky to be there at the moment, at such should share the little he or she has with the next person, instead of using such positions to affect society negatively, they should not underrate anybody but respect the feeling of their fellow human beings and treat teach and every person with regard.
The celebrant reveals that he is in his sixties and feel satisfied with life considering the contribution he has made in life to society. He said he will like to be remembered as someone who has brought peace understanding, unity and love to his generation in social circle amongst his contemporaries. Someone who once contributed to the well being of his society while he lived on earth.
For his contribution to society the Rivers youths movement made him the patron of the organization, urging the youths to maintain those qualities they saw in him that made them their patron. His attitude, his approach to life, his dealing with his fellow human beings with humility all should be emulated while they treat their fellow beings with consideration with sympathy and regards in their everyday dealing in life.
The soft spoken peaceful boss of Phccima also reveals that his role model in life is that man or woman who is upright, who shares the little he or she with the next person, someone who considers his or her fellow human being in everything. Someone who regards and respects the feeling of the next person, adding that his role model is that man or woman who has leadership qualities who has sympathy for his fellow being and do not underrates his fellow human being in all situations.
In his conclusion, he appeals to the entire humanity to be considerate and persevere, tolerant and patient to succeed in their life endeavour. ###

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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