You And Your Dreams 2

Dreams are privileged information from God and whosoever has such experience should consider himself fortunate indeed. For through dreams, Soul remains in contact with the kingdom of heaven and if such a soul cultivates the habit of writing down such information and learns how to interpret such dreams, he would have gotten a veritable tool to navigate through the perils of life.
Dreams as written earlier are of different types and convey specific instruction pertaining to an aspect of our spiritual life. They are essentially spiritual in nature and would require different interpretation. This is why I have often written that for a man to qualify to be referred to as a man of God, he has to undergo rigorous spiritual disciplines so that he can receive information from God on a spur of the moment basis. This sort of training can only be given by the Living Godman of the times.
The different types of dreams can be categorized into three broad categories viz; Dreams of Past Lives, Dreams of the Present and thirdly Prophetic Dreams or Dreams of Future Events. But generally there are more than five different types of dreams.
Dreams of past lives generally teach soul the need to learn from past mistakes. These dreams are actually linked to Karma and Re-incarnation. They teach us about the errors we committed in such past lives by the actions we took or refused to take in those situations. These dreams generally show us the reason why we face our current situations in life. Once a man knows the reason why he is in a particular situation, he has gotten enough information to resolve that particular situation.
For example, dreams of past life can show an individual the reason for affinity or likeness for a particular thing or people. This writer was involved in a dream situation where he could see himself as a Chinese repeatedly in about three dream situations but had no clue about what the dream was all about. Then I was aged about fourteen and was still under the tutelage of my mother. She made several attempts to resolve the riddle by taking me to so many ‘prayers houses’ without anyone being able to give the slightest clue why I should be seeing myself as a Chinese in the dream state. After so many bottles of ‘prayer water’ down the line without any resolution, my search for the meaning of my dreams began in earnest. I purchased many books while trying to decipher the meaning of my dreams but could not fathom why I should see myself as a being of another race. It was not until I was able to undergo the study of dreams for a period of two years under the Living Godman before I could start to understand and interpret my dreams.
But the study of dreams and its attendant interpretation goes with obeying spiritual laws one of which is the Law of Silence. Once an individual possesses privileged information from God, he cannot divulge such information on the pages of newspapers as prophesies for that would imply breaking the law of silence.
Those who know the future do not talk about it. This is the law.
Dreams of Present Situations bring enlightenment or inspiration from God on how an individual can overcome a particular situation in life. It addresses the current situation Soul finds itself. Sometimes we receive such information without any request from God. But since God can understand all its creations at the same time through its voice, the Holy Spirit, man’s requests are sometimes answered without man uttering a word.
Such is the encompassing love of God.
At a particular time, this writer benefitted from this type of dream experience. I had problem with my car then and after visiting so many mechanics without being able to resolve the issue, I was at a loss about what to do. The problem was with the injector system of the car.
Then I had a dream.
In this dream there was a particular mechanic that worked at a garage that I had been visiting but I never had anything to do with but It was he that I was directed to in the dream state for the resolution of the problem. I wrote down this dream as soon as I woke up and acted promptly with my privileged information. As was indicated in my dream, the mechanic was able to resolve the issue with the car within a short time and surprisingly, he refused any form of payment I offered him! These types of dreams occur on a daily basis but because our religions have not taught us on how we can harness our dreams for our spiritual benefit, we miss out in listening to the voice of God. Some go to the extent of ‘binding’ or ‘praying’ against such dreams because of our lack of understanding.
We then turn around to blame God for our indiscretion.
Often times we hear people exclaim ‘God, why me?’
God has never left us alone but we have deserted God by not opening up the communication channel between us and God. We continue to bombard God with our selfish requests without pausing a little to listen to God in our dreams! This is why man has two ears and one mouth: Talk less and listen more. If we can spend half of the time we spend in praying in listening to God, we would have begun our communication link with God.
Prophetic Dreams are the ones that foretell the future of both the dreamer and his environment. These type of dreams are very common in Nigeria because some ‘self acclaimed prophets’ who rule through the weapon of fear will call on some Nigerians and instill fear into them by claiming ‘divine revelation’ purportedly obtained from God Almighty. Such gullible Nigerians who succumb to such fearful prophesies are later advised to go for ‘prayers’ to avert such prophesies as if God changes Its mind like a’yoyo’. Such is the level of abuse of the prophetic type of dreams. Any man who records events in his life starting from the date of birth, for a period of the past 5 years can sufficiently predict the events in his life. This will be dealt with in The Law of Cycles. However most of us are more interested in the gains of materialism than try to understand the factors that control and shape our spiritual destiny like dreams. We would rather pay a ‘diviner’ to help us ‘check’ the future rather than we cultivate the discipline to understand the voice of God that roars for attention within man on a daily basis.
This voice of God is known as the Audible Life Stream. It vibrates continuously within man and only stops as soon as man drops the physical body but this sound continues within the spiritual bodies of man. Some of us have ears but we cannot hear this music of God.
Such is the level of our spiritual focus.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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