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Sunday Or Sabbath (Saturday) Which The Scriptures Support?

If you are faithful, why follow man’s instruction? Can man give you salvation? Who owns your life?
The scriptures say, when you are ignorance of a thing, Yahweh does not count, but when you are let in to know that thing, ignorance could not come as a way of excuse. But why not read your bible and come up with a decision? Or are you not having a bible? After seeing the strong will of Ex. 20:8, Ex. 31:13-15, which side of life do you belong to? We have eternal life and eternal death. Your action determines where you belong. The numbers of degrees you have acquired in school do not count here. Internal life is something far beyond human intellect.
It is only you who have the absolute right to decide which way you want to follow in life. What you sow, same you will reap. There are no two ways to follow. Determination has no right to place you on any special salvation. You may be a faithful Sunday church goer, you may also spend huge money to develop your church or denomination. That won’t give you salvation. Salvation is attained by obedience.
If you are a serious man or woman you ought not to disobey what the Bible has instructed you to do. Or are you saying that you do not see all the instructions about the Sabbath in your bible? Or you do not understand? The scriptures said where you lack understanding, pray for it, for Yahweh is liberal as he gives to all his children who asks from His hand.
You can be counted as the Pharisees of today’s religion, like in the days of Yahoshea Meshiyach. Read Mark 6:9. We honour Yahweh with our lips but our hearts is far from obeying His ordained principles and precepts for our blessing.
If salvation means anything important to you, your parents’ decision concerning obeying Yahweh’s instruction must be viewed with carefulness. You are yourself in whatever decision you make in the spiritual state.
The money and degrees you have acquired do not mean anything to the spiritual state. Each and every one of us has to prove ourselves to Yahweh individually. There is a bumper reward to anyone who proves himself with simplicity in faithfulness to Yahweh.
Sunday worship is coined out from man’s idea, emperor Constantine, hence it has no spiritual backing from any part of the scriptures (The Bible) and as obedient children of Yahweh yearning for Yahweh’s blessing and salvation. As a brother, this write up intends to awake your thinking conscience to take a step in the right direction. The purpose of life is to be in harmony with one’s creator as to enjoy life in its abundance. That is the reason we are all created.
You are also advised to go through the scriptures strictly for you to stop offending or rather disobeying your creator. The worldly wisdom has turned the world into something different. There is no truth in man’s religion and it will never ever change; salvation is obtained by obeying Yahweh’s instructions alone.
There is nothing like the Sabbath for the Jews as other religious bodies may also claim. The Sabbath is for a section of Christians who believed in the Sabbath worship. Even if you are a Moslem or whatever religion you belong to, it does not exempt you to keep the Sabbath. The Sabbath law is bounding in all human beings on earth, except you will invent another creator beside Yahweh that created heaven and earth, including you.
There is only one creator and His ineffable sacred personal name is Yahweh, no more no less. So you have no excuse whether you believe the Sabbath or not, the law is in effect against you because Yahweh created you.
Even if you hide under the guise of a particular religion, please know this one important fact. So stop deceiving yourself. You can you see that your disobedience has landed you into serious spiritual problems?
For violenting the Sabbath, men also have serious problems. Most men and women who have sex on Friday evenings, 5.50pm to Saturday 5.50pm, have unresolved impotent problems with their sex organ. Same with women who defile the Sabbath day by sleeping with men or their partners also have womb problems. Such is how important the Sabbath is.
The Sabbath day is an holy day that does not involve any earthly pleasure.
It is an holy day to the Saviour and hallowed in all ramifications unto Yahweh of host. It is a day of covenant between Yahweh and man. The day is a day of blessing to faithful law keepers of Yahweh who respect their creator, a day meant to bless all faithful law keepers of Yahweh. A special day of life and death to men on earth. This is what earthly men do not know but the law must take its cause. Whoever that toys with the Sabbath does so at the peril of his life on earth. The law gives men power to survive and make a meaningful living. It is only the wise that sees the sacred nature of the Sabbath and have never regretted. We can steal from men but not so easy with our maker who has all powers and authorities in the universe under His control.
Many deformed children in the world today are products of defiling the Sabbath by their parents. Those children that were conceived on the Sabbath day in one way or the other must surely have problem.
You can joke with your earthly parents but not with your heavenly creator. He stressed the importance of the Sabbath to men so that there would not be any mistake in it.
Many ladies who could not get married too, have their problems through defiling the Sabbath day. Same, many ladies, who are barren worldwide, have their problems for defiling the Sabbath. The Sabbath is not just a day, it is rather an holy day for the maker of man and the entire universe, this is the missing understanding in the life of today’s modern men.
What you sow, same you will reap. In disobedience we have shattered our happiness and life. Many men today cannot have their libido because of defiling the Sabbath, same many of defiling the Sabbath day.
The only remedy for such people is o go to the Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach at No. 4 Elechi Beach, behind the UBE board building. Look for the high priest of Yahweh for serious confession, and Yahweh will bless you, if the high priest of Yahweh could only lay his hand on your head and offer prayers of forgiveness. It is only then that you could be sure of your problem being solved.
Those on such bondage can never have their problems solved elsewhere than an anointed servant of Yahweh pronouncing forgiveness for them in the name of Yahweh.
The choice is yours to remain in your suffering or look out for solution through the anointed servant of Yahweh. Yahweh is respecter of no persons and you are not exempted.
You have the opportunity to save yourself from all such life embarrassments today by doing the right thing. Joke not with your creator’s instruction. If you do, it means joking with your happiness, your life.
A wise man listens to instructions once to better his life. What are you waiting for? Put your arrogance and shame aside and take the step that will put your life back on track.
Do well to worship with the only remedy for such people and go to the Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach at No. 4 Elechi Beach, behind the UBE board building. I am sure you will never regret it if you do, for that is the only place on earth you will have all what you wanted spiritually and otherwise.

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