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Secrets You Must Know About Your Health …Especially For Adults, Age 50 Plus

“Many of us are familiar with the signals of advancing age: decreased energy, decreased digestive functions, decline in cognitive and memory function, slower metabolic rate, slower immune response and increased body mass index (more body fat!)”
These signals conform neatly with a scientific Bell curve that predicts “life’s peak at approximately 25 to 27 years, with body functions holding steady for at least a decade”. From there, science pessimistically, draws a steady, unrelenting decline to the end life, approximately 78 years for the average person.
According to the study scientific evidence now indicates that about 35% of the aging process is genetic. It is becoming increasingly
apparent that we can control the remaining 65%.
“Unfortunately, most individuals do not know the steps necessary to mitigate the aging process. Moreover, many of our physicians are still unaware of scientific advances”.
The study further asserts that the evidence is mounting: Some people live much longer than the expected 78 years life-span. Moreover, they look and act considerably younger then their chronological age. lnfact, science can confirm that their biological age is far less than their chronological age. Biological age refers “to how efficiently the body’s internal organs and repair mechanism function”. A younger biological age indicates the body has the ability to repair damaged cells and systems and renew itself.
Continuing it reports that to slow or reduce aging our body must constantly replace billions of cells. When this is accomplished we refer to the process as an anabolic (building up) as opposed to catabolic (tearing down) to maintain our anabolic response, we must take control of a wide variety of nutritional factors. It went further to say that, to take control, we can: eat a wide variety of nutritional foods, some lightly cooked and some raw, add nutritional supplements that insure we are providing our body with a full spectrum of nutrients and antioxidants. This has become particularly important with modern agriculture and food processing, take advantage of the latest “longevity nutraceuticals” that can address the natural catabolic responses that have precipitated excessive damage and insufficient repair. ###
By Azuka Dibie

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