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Secret You Must Know About Your Health At Age 50 Plus

Medical experts advise that when an adult is age 50+, a medical check up twice a year is necessary. To avert heart or cardiac arrest, checks should be carried out in the following areas: HBP, blood Lipid and diabetes.
In the same vein, it asserts that urban dwellers in particular, should know their cholesterol level, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart palpitation, prostrate problems, cervical and breast cancer, body weight etc., even from age 40 years.
The reason is that two or more of these risk factors may cluster in one person.
Knowing it is one thing, taking prompt action for check up, is yet another thing.
It is believed that the unnatural environmental setting of the urban centre and its adverse environmental fall out such as fumes, pollution, etc., may give rise to these health challenges.
In fact, our life style choices is also a factor for these diseases and we are strongly advised to eat close to nature, to improve our health condition, eating balanced diet is another area of note. If we eat well it will go a long way to help us maintain good health even at old age.
Balanced diet may not be too costly but the one you can easily find around your environment, especially in their right ratio. Experts in the area of nutrition are of the view that when we take 20% acidic foods and 8O% alkaline foods, it will form a balanced diet.
Acidic foods may include: Meat, sea foods, rice, sugar, cheese, canned foods etc.
While on the other hand, alkaline foods may include: Vegetables, fruits, root crops etc. We do not need to search far to get what to eat or eat well. They are within our environment.
By way of illustration: If you get our local stuff like tapioka (abacha)+ coconut + afufa (garden egg) in the right combination, it will translate to: Abacha, 40% (acidic) ii. Coconut + afufa, 60% (alkaline) (i) and (B) combined, gives the right stuff for maintaining a balanced diet.
Again, nutritionists are of the view that we should eat close to nature. We should eat variety of fruits and vegetables, include at least five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
Fruits and vegetables in combination with whole grains constitute a healthy diet because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre that aid in preventing diseases and maintaining health.
Food sources of fruits and vegetables are oranges, apple, carrot, pumpkins, tomato paste, okro, green, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, onions etc.
Since major illnesses found in elderly persons are associated with general malnutrition and weight loss, with the help of a dietician we may eliminate these diseases by pursuing a diet that work against them.
For instance, a diet rich in fish, fruit vegetables and a daily glass of red wine, help extend life span by five years or more on average.
A study doctors projected the potential impact of the so called “polymeal diet,” which was inspired by the famous Mediterranean diet to lower blood pressure.
The polymeal diet proposed in the study comprises fish eaten four times a week, wine amounting to a 15 centilitres (5 fluid ounces per day), dark chocolate (bog, 35 ounces per day), garlic (2.7g, 0.9 ounces per day) and almonds (68g, 2.38 ounces per day).

By Azuka Dibie

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