He who does not listen to the other angle of an event cannot make judgement aright. It is reasonable to praise Yahweh for he is good. So let all praises, honour and adorations be ascribed to Yahweh as it is written in the Holy Scripture as thus “from the rising sun to its setting let the name of Yahweh be praised”.
Illusion is tricky, it can pose as absolute truth, be irresistible, seem reasonable and reassuring, yet leads one unfailingly amis. While the creatures and intelligent designs are outstanding evidence of the existence of a designer who made himself known to mankind as Yahweh, but the great question as raised by this article is, who is Satan or Devil? Does it exist or is it one of mythological jamborees of religionists? Many religionists will like to sharply conclude that a man with such question is psychologically unbalanced. They will query on the basis that it is a direct questioning with Bible or other acclaimed inspired scriptures of various religious communities world over, to such people whatever Bible says is accurate so no need of argument.
But there are many unclear facts that the translators or interpreters of the scriptures have not properly explained. The question is why praise or believe Satan’s existence? Religious leaders will always affirm that their scriptures bear witness of it. They are deceived by the by the injunction that all scriptures are inspired. But these scriptures can only be inspired when it is in tune with the original authors but should not be so when it has been wrongly translated or interpreted.
The original authors are the prophets, anointed and ancient apostles who were under divine inspirations but the subsequent translators were men or scholars selected by the succeeding governments to translate, review or revise those scriptures. And no single book of Bible escaped, survived or passed unto this age without being touched by the translators. Like other religious groups, Christians affirm that Bible is infallible but who is to be defended, is it the integrity of Yahweh or Bible? Bible is accurate only when it present Yahweh as loving and caring personality, but when it contradicts the character of Yahweh, it becomes unacceptable.
We have historic records which bear witness over the religious wars that ensued after the death of Yahoshea Meshiyach and his disciples between the various governments of Rome, Greek and Britain. These battles gave birth to Catholicism, Orthodoxism and Protestatism.
The doctrine of devil presents Yahweh to be wicked, unprotective, and unforgiving. And this has aroused some right thinking men to query the scripture’s authority. As French writer and commentator P. Valadier stated “it was the Christian tradition that produced Atheism as its fruit, it led to the murder of Yahweh in the consciences of men because it presented them with unbelievable accounts of Yahweh”.
In regards to Devils existence, people like Daniel Defoe in 1726 concluded that people’s belief on devil was based on human construction manufactured by devil raisers and devil makers. Who cheated the ignorant world with a devil of their own making. The Devil is in reality man’s invention to account for his sinfulness.
A theologian, Jeffery Burton Russell dismissed the devil and the demons as superstitious relics. According to Author Don Lewis, “A, number of modern educated people who smile patronizingly at the superstitious beliefs and fear of their artless ancestors are once again becoming enthralled by the evil element in the supernatural. (Religious Superstitions Through The Ages).
Mythological ideas of Satan with legion of demons penetrated from Babylonian mythology into Judaism and from there into the Christendom. It is plainly written in history that the Hebrews first learned about Satan’s existence at Persia by 300 BCE as was taught by the Zoroasterian religion. The belief in devil was incorporated into the Christian bible by modern translators who are ignorantly adopted as the ancient scribes. While it is certain that Yahweh created men in his image and after his likeness, the same scripture went ahead to rubbish man as a mere robot after creation.
The account of the existence of Satan dragged Yahweh’s personality and integrity to the mud because it presented to humanity the creator that is wicked and unforgiving. So let us take a little review on the account of Satan’s downfall which were recorded in the books of Christian Bible as thus: “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels” the book continue as thus “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the devil and Satan which deceiveth the whole world, he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him”.
Firstly according to the account, Yahweh cast down the Satan unto the earth because he rebelled or challenged him in heaven. Then the questions are, can Yahweh make enemity that he couldn’t reconcile with his offenders since those ages? If Yahweh could not forgive Satan and his hosts over one sin they committed, why did he sent his begotten son to earth to direct sons of men to forgive their enemies or offenders. Seventy times seven offences in a single day? So do he expect man to do what he could not do? Can Yahweh sent his enemy to man? Can a father cast his enemy to his children? Can a farmer cast a lion into his sheepfold? Does that not show wickedness and unprotectiveness? Can a man on encountering armed robbers in his inner room push the robbers into his parlour where his children occupies?
The account went ahead to say that there was a tree of knowledge of good and evil which Yahweh forbid Adam and Eve from eating, then is there any tree that can bear the fruit of good and bad at the same time? If it is good tree it will bear good fruit and if it is bad tree it will equally bear bad fruit. Then let us go into the account and see how possible or truthful it can be.
And the scripture says “And Yahweh said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and every living thing that moveth upon the earth”.Excuse me, if Adam and Eve have no knowledge how can they respond to challenges of the power of dominion over all things created on earth? How can they replenish them? Can a man whose knowledge is kept outside of him respond to such great responsibility? The account went ahead to say that “and the Yahweh commanded the man saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat of it, for in the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shall surely die”.

Prophet Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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