Stopping Boko Haram Threat To Mr. President

Nigeria is an independent nation and not an organization owned or controlled and managed through hereditary trait. Nigerian nation is so special for any man or group of people to hold it to ransom. It is obvious that activities of Boko Haram are no longer news to Nigerians and foreigners alike. Nigeria is one of the nations in the world that does not support terrorist activities in what ever disguise.
And therefore, no citizen of this great country of ours should support terrorist activities in Nigeria. The pledge to Nigerian Nation should not be only for month by her citizens. It is time for every citizen of this great Nation to arise as patriots to fight evil in our land.
The agitation for political independence was carried out by few elites and egalitarian citizens of our great land. The move for political autonomy of Nigeria did not witness blood shed despite the delay by the British authority before the declaration of impendence. The threats by Boko Haram sometime enjoy public support as Nigeria is seen to be a country that is guided by tribal sentiment. Nigeria does not belong to any tribe or religion. Nigeria belongs to every Nigerian no matter the location and difficult terrain and topography. It is time for Nigerians to known that Mr. President in person of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is not a sectional or a religious president of Nigeria.
It must be made clear to Boko Haram that Nigeria is a democratic nation that believes in the tenets of democracy. Nigeria is not an Islamic nation. The crafty manipulation of Nigeria as a member of Islamic organization was not done through referendum by Nigerians. And the threat by Boko Haram to Mr. President must not be allowed to cause panic in our political geography. The office of the president of Nigeria is what every citizen of Nigeria must respect. The incessant threats by Boko Haram to Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan reveals the support and sympathy the Islamic organization enjoys in Nigeria. The former president of the United States, George W. Bush Jr. declared in September, 2001 when the Al-Qaeda network organization attacked the twin building in New York that evil has no holiday. It is a truism.
Indeed since the emergence of Boko Haram, an Islamic organization in Nigeria there have been series of incessant attacks on Nigerians. Today no part of the country is free from rumour of Boko Haram’s threat. The Peace of this nation belongs to every Nigerian. Therefore, the attacks on churches in the northern part of Nigeria should not be seen as melodrama to entertain the audience in the theater. The threat message to Mr. President by Boko Haram, that if he wants to continue to rule as president of Nigerian, he should defect or cross carpet to Islam, remains an insult of the highest order. Some Nigerians do not know that Christianity has gained solid ground in the north. What Boko Haram is trying to orchestrate can never be achieved if our political leaders do not waver Boko Haram is after turning Nigeria to an Islamic State.
And that is why Boko Haram is threatening the authority of the nation. The 1999 constitution gives room to freedom of worship. The threat to Mr. President by Boko Haram is after constitutional manipulation. If Nigerians allow Mr. President to be seen as an individual without the support of the people something dangerous might happen. Mr. President needs support and contribution of every Nigerian for peace to reign.
It was reliably observed and said that Boko Haram has infiltrated into the government of the day. And if that is through, Mr. President should start the cleansing of all sectors of his administration without delay. Mr. President can be forced by anybody or group of people to denounce his faith while serving as a president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Nigeria is not an entity controlled by disgruntled elements. And that is why every Nigerian must arise to the occasion of confronting the threat on Mr. President with human face without fear or favour. No wonder there is a resolution that the second stanza of the national anthem will be used as prayer for any national meeting and functions. And this is because Boko Haram does not want Christian prayer to be made in any national function.
And tactically government to some extent is accepting the proposal of the religious sect. It may sound funny but there is a serious threat on the cooperate existence of the Nigerian State.
Since Goodluck Jonathan became President of Nigeria, there have been series of bombing attacks on churches and academic institutions in the country more than ever before. Suicide bombing that was alien to Nigeria today is common. This is the fight for all and sundry to engage in and not for Mr. President alone.
What on earth would have instigated Boko Haram to issue such a barbane and obnoxious threat to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Mr. President is a shepherd of Nigeria; if anything happens to him the sheep will scatter. All religious extremists and fanatics must remember that Nigeria is not a mono religious State. Nigeria is not Somalia. The military, police, state security services (SSS) and the paramilitary should see the threat to Mr. President as a challenge to the nation. Nigeria exists as a nation as a result of our unity in diversity. Therefore peace, love, unity and progress should be our watch word if we must remain a nation bounded with love. Enough is enough of such threats to Mr. President.

Frank Eneawaji Ogwuonuonu

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