The Five Virtues vs The Five Passions

Man’s spiritual purpose in life is to discover himself as soul, discover and understand God and eventually learn how to serve as a Co-worker with God.
But this is a tall order indeed.
For man to achieve this broad goal, there are some intermittent steps man needs to overcome to arrive at his spiritual destination of becoming a co-worker with God. For becoming Godlike can take man millions of years on this earth planet within the physical universe. Man would have learnt to reincarnate as many times as required before being able the learn how to generate the divine love of God, receive this love and eventually learn how to appropriate this divine love amongst fellow HU-man beings and all life.
The easiest way to get love is by giving it.
But pray how can man give what he does not possess?
Therefore the starting point for man to generate this love of God known as divine love is for man to sing the HU, the Holy and sacred name of God.
Singing HU can open the heart of man to the divine love of God. The HU is a love song to God. It is a non-directional prayer that does not tell God what to do but rather align the will of man with the will of God Almighty. When man therefore sings the HU, he will discover his innate ability and affinity with the rhythm of life which is basically the rhythm of divine love.
But after man succeeds in generating this divine love of God, some factors inhibit the ability of man to share this divine love of God with all life. These factors are known as the five passions of the mind.
The five passions of the mind is the reason most of us remain at our level of spiritual consciousness making us not to realize who we are, what we are and our spiritual purpose in life. It is also the five passions of the mind that makes man not to understand his relationship with God. Because if man is able to understand the five passions and how to overcome them, man would have established himself on the middle path to God.
These five passions are lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity.
These five passions ensnare man to the wheel of karma and reincarnation.
But the spiritual hierarchy has also provided man with the way to overcome these deadly spiritual passions by providing the antidotes generally known as the five virtues. These virtues are also known as rightful discrimination, tolerance, contentment, detachment and humility.
The five passions of the mind are the reason most of us are back on earth today after spending some times in the different past continents and kingdom of Atlantis, Lemuria, Roman Empire, etc. Though some of us will argue that we only live life once and then judgement. There is nothing wrong with this. For every man is entitled to his opinion as this is a true reflection of such individual’s level of spiritual consciousness or state of awareness But simply because an individual believes in something does not make it right.
Lust is the uncontrollable desire for something either useful or useless. But anyone having such desire must learn the lesson of rightful discrimination. For it is only the individual with such an experience that would determine what he or she needs for his spiritual development. This lust therefore can be in terms of food, lust for men or women, lust for money in the name of ‘prosperity gods’. For any individual who collects money from individuals under the pretext of collecting money for God shall reincarnate to refund such monies to those gullible individual who are so deceived. All these different forms of lust are the golden chain that ensures that man returns to earth to continue his ‘consumption’ of these items he or she or it considers vital to his physical existence. But this is actually an illusion. To counter this, man must practice rightful discrimination.
Anger is the primary reason why most people reincarnate in the lower worlds today. Most individuals even derive some pride while expressing their anger at public places. The angrier the individuals get, the more they think attention is paid to their misbehavior. Anger, to say the least destroys the fabric of man and also poisons the whole of man’s environment.
A woman cooking food for her family could poison the food if she gets angry while cooking. Such anger though invisible, can affect the spiritual health of the family without knowing where the cause is coming from. An angry boss can also poison his official environment through the ‘waves ‘ of anger he sends by barking at his subordinates. Activities can be achieved without the element of anger for anger breads tension always and cuts out the flow of the Holy Spirit.
The effect of greed can be seen in the Nigerian Society of today. Initially we hear of people amassing thousands and millions. But nowadays, we hear people amassing billions and being very proud of it. Even the populace encourages their wards to steal. Those preaching ‘prosperity’ have not helped matters either as they whip up frenzy about the need for man to look for money in a ‘do or die’ manner. Thus any man that does not have ‘money’ feels he has been abandoned by God. While this is not true, man seems to have forgotten the injunction that a rich man would enter heaven just as the elephant would need to pass through the eye of a needle to access the kingdom of heaven.
Of course everyone needs money and being poor should not be an excuse for loving God. For God loves Soul, rich or poor. Being rich and being poor is like the passing of a shadow. What lesson man needs to learn here is contentment. A contented man is neither rich nor poor but he gets by through the special grace of God because from the abundance of the heart flows the riches of heaven. The richest man is the man who loves God with the whole of his heart and mind and transfers such love to serve his fellow beings and all life.
Attachment to material things is the chief reason for reincarnation. It may be attachment to material things or attachment to human beings in form of emotions, son and father, mother and daughter, husband and wife boy and girl. Attachment to anything fasten the attention of the individual to the material level and the individual often reincarnates to inherit whatever material things he left behind after death. When those attached to material things die, they often reincarnate into the same family and claim the wealth of the family they left behind in the first place! One can observe this in the way some children behave to ‘claim’ what riches the family has when they are re-born into the family
Detachment and giving unconditional love is the solution to this insidious problem of the HU-man race. There is nothing wrong in loving our family members but we must remember that we do not own them simply because we happen to be parents or husbands or wives. Each soul is a child of God and this is the most important thing.
Vanity has to do with the ego of the individual. This is the little self in man that makes a man carry on as if he knows tomorrow. Vanity is the grandfather of pride. Humility on the other hand is the antidote for vanity or excessive self love. In our society today, a man is measured not by what he contributes to society but by what car he drives as if the car is an extension of his personality. Humility is the hallmark of a lover of God.
The five virtues therefore allow us the freedom to live our lives on a daily basis without the fear of karma. The virtues therefore purify our thoughts, words and actions and enable us to survive spiritually in our present times.

Towards Spiritual Freedom

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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