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Gunmen Kill Nine As A Muslim Faithful celebrates Eid-el-Fitri

Trigger-happy youths, on Sunday, August 19, 2012, in the dead of the night, turned a Salah celebration party to a bloody game, leaving nine dead.
Like Boko Haram that respects no hallowed places or periods as they kill in churches and mosques and desecrate the Ramadan period with blood everywhere, and as if to tell them that they do not have the sole right to kill during a holy period, right here in PortHarcourt, a party held at a place opposite Kingfisher on Aggrey road to celebrate the Ramadan, was disrupted by gunmen who splattered the blood of the celebrant and others at the venue.
The party was organized by a Muslim youth, Ahmadu Idris Yaahu, a quiet, humble and respectful youth, after a successful Ramadan fast which he actually participated in.
According to eye witness account, the party was fully on course with the host helping to dish out meals in the kitchen, while dancing and drinking went on within the premises.
A friend of his walked in and called him out to the dancing arena, embraced him and patted him at the back. Unknown to Ahmadu and others dancing, that was Judas betraying a beloved friend.
The friend carried out the act to show the killers their target, their prey. Poor Ahmadu, he went back to ensure that meals went round.
In a ploy to drag Ahmadu out of the serving room to the dancing arena, the killers mocked up a quarrel among themselves. Of course, the host had to come out to ensure peace and avoid disruption of his party.
He fell into the trap. As he went round trying to calm the quarreling party, the guns spoke ‘rat-tat-tat’ and the party turned into a bloody mess, leaving nine dead including the host and several injured.
The killers quietly left to celebrate their murderous victory, while parents, brothers, sisters, relations and friends of the victims wailed in anguish
Hear the words of his distraught girl friend who is carrying his unborn child-“He was holding a salah party at Aggrey road, opposite Kingfisher. As the party went on, Ahmadu was called to settle a problem. I told him not to go for any settlement, that he should not move about. I told him not to settle any matter. I walked away and he complained to my sister that I was annoyed with him.
“Again boys started arguing as they wanted to fight. Another two boys started another quarrel and again he was called to settle the problem. I warned him again not to settle any problem and even advised that the party be stopped. That was past 12 midnight. As he tried to settle the two boys the guns boomed, some bullerts passing me as I ran. I did not know how I ran and entered into someone’s house at Victoria street.
“I was shouting ‘God of T.B. Joshua guide my boyfriend, guide him wherever he is’. I was just shouting like that. I called his phone several times but it was switched off. I wondered why he has not called to find out where I was. I tried to go out to the venue, but just as I stepped out, the killers returned and I was dragged inside the house.
“In the morning, one of his brothers, Umaru, came and knocked the door, entered and began speaking with Babangida, their brother who ran into the same house with me, in Hausa. As he was speaking, I was having the feeling that something has happened to Ahmadu. I asked what happened but they refused to tell me.”
She broke into tears at this point and could not continue.
However, strange occurrences were narrated by the and immediate elder sister of Ahmadu. The sister who because of her pregnancy which seems due has not been told of the death of her beloved brother, narrated how he appeared to her with blood all over him in the morning of Monday . He also appeared to his mother who he was very fond of and showed his killers rejoicing over a Black label. He also appeared to his father in far away Zaria and the father immediately knew his son has been killed.
Until the time of going to press, no one knows the killers of Ahmadu and eight others, injuring several people, or what he did to deserve being killed in his party.
Several people testified to the kind, gentle and friendly nature of Ahmadu, but as they say the good does not last.
It is now up to the security agents to unravel the killers.

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