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Police Women Urged To Impact Transparency In Children

Nigerian Police Women have been charged to impact transparency in their children in their various homes.
Speaking at a seminar with the theme, “The Need For Transparency And Effective Service Delivery,” organized by the transparent leadership initiative international in conjunction with the police, Hon. Morgan David, the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Transparent Leadership Initiative International who noted that Charity begins at home stressed the need for women to impact on their children at home, emphasizing that such would go a long way in ensuring transparency in all sectors in the nation and ensure people as well.
Hon. Morgan David who described women as nation builders noted that they are closer to the children than their male counterpart, stressing that they can easily impact their transparency to their children which would bring forth lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers and good leaders in the society. He advised women to inculcate the culture of honesty, obedience, transparency, respect for their husband diligence in their duties as to impact other positively, adding that there is a reward for diligence in service.
Delivering a paper entitled “Transparency: A tool for the future of Nigeria, Police, Engineer Prince Onyeche Promise, the President of the leadership Initiative international, noted that the seminar was strictly organized for the women because they are the mothers of the nation and everything was embedded from them.
According to him, women are in charge of the upbringing of our children and it is important to lecture them in order to do their duties perfectly.
Engineer promise who traced the origin of the police to colonal era with their administrative office at Lagos noted that there was no transparency in the police stressing that “For us to curtail the menace in the society we must take the bull by the hornsd without fear or favour to move the nation forward.
According to him, the mission of the organization is to respect the laws, rules, regulations and all constituted authorities of the federal republic of Nigeria, to promote national integration and unity by taking everyone as equal irrespective of tribe, religions and family background, to support the struggle for the right of children, widows and orphans and encourage harmonious administrative relationship within all tiers of government by creating a competitive leadership as regards transparency awards of performance and publications of track records on the transparency magazines, to condemn and expose all forms of discriminations, victimization and embezzlement of public funds by leaders among others, these will go a long way to move the nation forward.
Other lectures at the seminar include ‘Enhancing Life Expectancy Through Proactive Health Counseling’ by Dr. Abraham Igwe the Director THCI, “Women: A Role Model In Police”, etc. ####

Emeka Jilly Ejiowhor

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