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YOU & YOUR HEALTH: Mistletoe: Peculiar Plant with Peculiar Power

Mistletoe is a very peculiar plant. Its roots sink into the branches and trunks of other trees, instead of into the soil. Its seeds need sunlight to germinate unlike most seeds that need darkness. However, the adult plant is able to produce chlorophyll even in the darkness, unlike the other plants, which become yellowish when there is no light.
Its medicinal properties were already known in the time of Hypocrites and pliny the elder. In the olden days, mistletoe was used primarily in curing and preventing numerous diseases that were thought to be of psychic or mystic origin. It was also seen as means of being in tuned with nature. The leaves of mistletoe (Viscum album) contain choline and acetylcholine, both substances act on the autonomic nervous system. The berries also contain alkaloids and other toxic substances, thus their medicinal use is not recommended, except for some skin disorders and it will be used in lotion.
In Hypotension, mistletoe comes first because of it balancing effect on circulatory system. It is one of the most effective plants known against high blood pressure. It improves blood flow to the brain and the heart, and when those problems are caused by arteriosclerosis of the cerebral or coronary arteries. Its use is recommended for brain arteriosclerosis/ sickness, vertigo, buzzing ears) or coronary arteriosclerosis (ANGINA PECTORIES) it can be administered as a prevention against new attacks in those people who have suffered from thrombosis or cerebral ambulance.
As antispasmodic and sedative, mistletoe eases the oppressing sensation in the chest, palpitations, nervousness, and migraines. In ancient times it was used to ease epileptic attacks and hysterical crises.
Mistletoe increases the production of urine and the elimination of metabolic toxic waste, such as urea and uric acid. It is recommended in cases of nephritis, gout, and arthritis and whenever blood should be purified. In local application, it eases rheumatic aches, it is very effective for acute attacks of lumbago or sciatica.
Due to its homeostatic qualities, mistletoe has proved highly effective in correcting all forms of gynecological problems, such as, excessive menstruation, painful menstruation, irregular menstruation. Ann ovulation, amenorrhea, uterine hemorrhage and fibroid.
Some protein have been recently isolated from mistletoe, these are known as lecterns, and have a strong destructive effect against tumor cells. These proteins stimulate the thymus and the cellular defenses of the body at the same time, making it impossible for cancer cells to grow or survive. This is no longer a claim but it has been proven by most African Herbalist that cancer is treatable with this patent herb.
It is no longer whether diabetes is curable or not, the important question today is, what is the most effective plant for treating diabetes? I know and will stand to say that mistletoe is among the most effective or potent herbs for diabetes. This has been tested, tried and proved efficacious, this is your chance.
Mistletoe is not only for the sick, It is also recommended for those who wants to remain healthy because it ensures protection against diabetes, malaria, typhoid, migraine, hypertension and hypotension, pneumonia, and all forms of emotional, psychological and physical ailments. Rev. father Adodo says in his book: “I believe that mistletoe is one of the keys to unrevealing the HIV/AIDS menace”. Drink yourself mistletoe always to boast your immune system for a better tomorrow. Some of my readers may want to have some information on different ailments and their treatment with mistletoe.
For hypertension, mistletoe. Avocado pear leaves and brayophellum (life plant). Boil for fifteen minutes, honey may be added. one glass cup three times daily. This will not only correct the hypertension, no matter the rate, but it will handle most cardiovascular problems. If you are a patient of Insomnia, nervousness, malaria and typhoid, look for mistletoe, Guava leaves, Avocado, almond leaves, it may surprise you to know that this will help those with pile, ulcer and male impotence.
Note: Mind where you buy or collect your mistletoe, if you are not sure of what mistletoe is, how to collect and where, then look for a professional or an herbal shop.

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Dr. Tonifelix C. Manu

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