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Issue: How Honourable Are The People’s Representatives?
Market Woman: People’s representatives, who dem dey represent? For where? Na themself wey dem de represent. The moment we come give dem vote and dem come go inside office, dem no come know anybody. Some sef dey change dem phone numbers. That time wey dem dey cry for votes, dem go come dey humble, de talk with sweet mouth, make big promises wey dem know finish dem no go fit do at all. How many councillors know the people wey dey for the place wey him de represent? How many chairmen wey ready to pick the calls of him people wey he suppose to dey represent? Nigeria no get representative for any government.
Politics today na business. If you fit say yes sir to one big man wey dey top of the ruling party, him go back you with everything for you to occupy government chair.
See now, councillor we no fit see food chop go come go inside government office in the name of politics, come dey chop the money wey government give the people to change dem lives. He go come back with one jeep, dey come dey make yanga, dey carry small small girls in the community. That na the one wey one go talk say na people representative.
Some of dem no get even plan at all for the people. Politics today na gamble oo. Me if dem say make I come vote, this time again , I no go vote again, because the people wey I been vote no do anything for the people wey vote dem carry their head enter government. As I come dey here de sell, who wey come know me now? But for dat time wey vote come dey, dem come dey tell all of us wey be market people to come out and vote. I come vote dem come enter government. Wetin dem come do for me and my people?
Some of our roads sef na killer trap, water to drink no come dey. The people wey dey represent the place no dey see dat one? Only God go punish all of dem. Some of dem wey be councilor no dey even stay for home. Dem always dey come from Port Harcourt. Dem no dey even care about anything. Dem no know even anything of the place wey dem dey represent. How can such person fit represent him people? Na Port Harcourt be the place dem dey represent? People dey suffer nobi small.
Worker: Politics is a means of selecting representatives to represent various local governments, wards and state as the case may be, but today the people who come out to seek for any elective position in most cases turn such positions and privileges to their personal thing. The allocations meant for development too, they convert into their bank accounts leaving the people to suffer in poverty and neglect. Some of them don’t even know what goes around in their constituencies. For some councillors, it is an opportunity to show the male prowess in fornicating with any available lady that comes to their sight.
How many of the people’s representatives have come home to gather their people in their wards or constituencies to know what the people want. The funnies part of it is, the moment they get into office, they detach themselves from the very people that elected them into office, who they are supposed to be representing in government, since not every one could go into government.
Times have changed. Sometimes the electorates too are to be blamed. As they have the privilege to recall any representative that is not representing them well at whatever level, namely senate, House of Representatives, and in the State House of Assembly, local government council to ward level. The worst scenario is the ward level. The councillors do not have any plan of project to execute for their wards. Too bad.
The people’s representatives should be more accessible to the people because you are in that office because of your people who voted for you to represent them at whatever level in government, be it in the Senate, House of Representative, State House of Assembly, chairman of a local government council or councillor of a ward.
To them politics is a way of enriching themselves. That informed their buying of expensive cars, building of superior mansions all for themselves, while the people are languishing in abject poverty.
It is a pity that Senators and House of Representatives members could not come home to consult their people to know what they want, so that they could go back to sponsor bills that will better the lots of their people. Perhaps only one or two are taking that step. These are people who have conscience. If I may ask, what makes such people honourable? They should be addressed as distinguished dishonourable men of politics. In short they are not better than the common thief in the society.
Areaboy: Politicians are business men. When dey want vote dem go come carry us like their bodyguards, dem go come pet us fine. Do us fine? Talk sweet sweet talk and promise us. We go come act for them. Sometime we kill and destroy anybody wey dey against them. For that kind time, we are good friends. But after dem don go inside government dem no come know manpikin. Yes-oh, na dem give us gun to fight for dem to go inside government. Politician no dey represent anybody oh, na demsef wey dem dey represent. Me I must survive, so if dem come engage me give me what I need I go still go support dem, because demsef na business men. But come oh, you know say our people sef dey follow cause kasala for this matter? If the man wey dey want come contest election no good, why take his money? Well, na hungry dey cause all these ones sha. Like me na, as I neva chop for two days, if somebody come give me N10,000 I go support level belle first before I go look front. After all, all man dey care for himself. Hungry dey for land, that is why the politics dey always fool all of us. For our girls, no job and babe want to look fine, so no matter how the man look, bring the money and I dey for you. That na the power of money. I no dey easy even as man pikin know say I no good. The politicians are doing man pikin get to survive, I no fit talk. Who care for me? So I must look for a way to survive. Na so many of the people sef dey. Dem no fit talk because small small money dey enter hand for chop. Just hail hnourable, honourable go find something for you. Man pikin no die man pikin no rotten.

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