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PH Residents Profer Solution To Flood Victims

As flood ravages parts of Nigeria and four local government areas of Rivers State, Port Harcourt residents have been tinkering on the best solution to help these flood victims find their feet after the disaster, as the victims cry for assistance from the government, individuals and organizations.
Our correspondent who went to town captured the opinion and views of residents of Port Harcourt.
Here are excerpts from the interaction, first to speak was a female victim of the flood from Omoku town in ONELGA, Madam Mariah Eze, “I am finished if not my daughter whose house am staying in Port Harcourt I would have been completely useless even as I am. I have nothing on my own.
Flood has taken my farm and my building in Omoku main town. I have no single dress of my own not to talk of food to eat. The garri bags in my house are now useless, my farm is useless. When our correspondent asked her what she wants government and the society to do for her. She responded in these words, “I want government to give me money, also to build house for me as my house is no more. For the money I will use it to trade to help myself till I could raise enough to plant another farm. All my things have lost”. Next to speak to our correspondent on the issue at Mile One is a clergyman, Chosen Raziah Bala in this words, the government should be able to take care of the victims, it is a natural disaster, because we are living in a funny society tenant be a tenant, for the fact that it has happened to them does not mean that they are the worst sinners on earth. So I urge all NGOs, humanitarian organization and well meaning individuals to assist them. Let the government know that it is serving as a parent body in this issue. Individuals who are well placed in government organizations too were included in the call.
Mrs. Chidinma Charity Nwuzi, a staff of Port Harcourt Club reacted in these words, “the government and individuals that are in position are supposed to do something to give them sense of belonging, atleast building houses for them at the moment. If there is something the victims of this flood need most, it is a place to put their heads before thinking of what to eat.
Wilson Anjiedua, security personnel of Rivers State University of Science and Technology RSUST, Port Harcourt, reacted with this words, the government should build house for these people affected by the flood in all the areas for now they should be put in a special camp built by the government, specially for the flood victims, and let resettle them in permanent building built for them so as to make them stable mentally and psychological.
Last to speak on the issue is a practicing journalist in the state, Azuka Dibie who is also a public analyst, in his opinion reacted this way. “The flood victims need to be assisted by the government and individuals, most especially the doctors, humanitarian organizations, psychologists because these people are completely being displaced in the society, they need to absorb into their circle as to maintain their mental and psychological state of mind, they need to also be provided basic amenities of life, when the flood receded definitely they will get black to face life in different way which will never be easy with them as most of them have completely lost their property.
The doctors and psychologists should make them their friends now while thinking of the best way to integrate them back into the society. ####

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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