My Pen Marshall Sleeps

Dedicated To My Boss Ken Amabipi
The Waterfront Parliament ask
Where is the playwright
The actor, the cowboy of silence
The question is for time to respond
The moment of truth was instituted
For a moment he bent down
Making his office his second home
For The Newswriter to serve
Its content, for the people to read
Thursday is the meeting point
Our minds, the stewards laughter
As The Newswriter graces the paper stand
It generates the paper competition
Without challenging anyone
As The Newswriter claims its place
Causing the envy of others in Business
Ken Amabipi, is his name
The ever ready publisher for the truth
Time and seasons would have blessed him
If not his journey of death
He would have waited no more
You abandoned me for the job
You called me to be a partner
My boss, but you did not say farewell
I hope your first love, The Newswriter
Is still in your heart
You slept in the office
Day in day out, for the sake of The Newswriter
Your labour for justice and fame
Stir at your face as you sleep in silence
My boss, my pen cowboy
Death is but a thief
You bowed to death, leaving us alone
To look at the waterfront
Where the fishes know nothing of us
Death but you serenade in your happiness
To make us feel challenged
Your baby, The Newswriter mourns
The waterfront parliament man sleeps
And refused to wake up
To call my name and plan the day’s job
It is our loss, but it is heaven’s glory
Adieu Publisher, Adieu my Publisher

By Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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