Who Are The Pharisees Of Today?

A Pharisees is one who claims to have known the law and ways of the Grand creator (Yahweh) at such impose himself the right of wanting to teach or correct, criticize his or her fellow believers in a particular area of time.
In real sense of Pharisee as was made open by the scripture, a Pharisee is one who only claim or assuming to know or mastered the scripture, the laws or ways of Yahweh but in vain is an opposite of the main truth or against the true way of Yahweh is one who is always judgmental as to find fault from those who are trying to practice the true doctrine of Yahweh Mark 7:6-7.
The scriptures say, the most secret things belong to Yahweh and the things belong to Yahweh and the thing. He reveals are for us and our children to obey and observe Deut. 29:29. This is the true situation with the Pharisee man and woman. They will leave the instruction given to them by their creator and fashion their own way of understanding as to suit their ego and interest.
For instance, Pharisee will hear the same thing with others but will like to coin their own meaning out of that instructing, a clear case is Yahweh asked all believers to address him by His own name, either in prayers or praise. A Pharisee will see the instruction and do his own thing by calling Yahweh other names that he will invent out for himself to address Yahweh. And will never call Yahweh His own personal name He instructed all mankind to address Him.
Yahweh will instruct all believers to remember the seventh day and keep it holy, a Pharisee will claim to worship on the first day and make it so interesting, when in actual fact the bible he claims is his holy book also instruct him to worship on the seventh day as a holy day of Yahweh.
The bible even as he claims never supported him this he does not mind. The bible has categorically authorized all believers to worship on the seventh day, not the first day. Paul even warned the Corinthians to lay their goods in their shop on Sunday and never come together in pretense of doing collection to serve the man of Yahweh who will come for them for the scripture Exo. 20:8, 1Cor. 16:1.
The son of man, Yahoshea Meshiyach said by their fruits you shall know them, this simply means, we shall know them, this simply means that by the action and ways of such people you will identify them. Look around you now in today’s worship centres though they claimed to be worshipping and doing the will of the grand creator of the Universe but far from doing what he instructed all believers to do.
They pick portion of the Bible and will fashion a doctrine to indoctrined their cohorts and followers, the most funniest part is they are always in majority. How can mortal begets immortality, holy mother of God prayer for us. Such doctrine only belittle Yahweh before humanity. Mary is a mortal and God (Yahweh) is supposed to be immortal in curiosity I ask how can mortal; give birth to the creator of the world based on the sense they apply the statement.
Yahweh created every living thing in existence including man. The strength of man in the world comes from Yahweh, who has the only authority to make and unmake how then can Mary one of Yahweh creation become Yahweh’s mother.
Yahoshea Meshiyach himself is a spirit and not a mortal. Mariam (Mary) did not give birth to Yahoshea rather Yahoshea birth was an immaculate birth, that is why Joseph was warned that that which in womb in the womb of Mariam (Mary) is an holy child. He Joseph has no making of it. The messenger explained the shadow of the Holy Spirit will overshadow Mariam that is why the child is holy.
Luke 1:34-35. It is only the Pharisee that could twist this clear interpretation from the very bible they claimed to be exercising it will.
Today Pharisees are all over world causing confusion in the name of worship or religion. Believers are warned where they go to and what they are made to believe. In Revelation 3:7-9, those who are true believers whom the Pharisees will accuse and frame up are those who have known the name, kept the word of Yahweh, the sign they will be known with is simple. They kept the word by worshipping on the Sabbath day, they also are in little strength not following crowd. So watch out where you are worshipping do you keep the word of Yahweh? Do you call or address Yahweh by His personal sacred name (Yahweh) in your prayers or praises. Do you keep and observe Yahweh’s appointed feasts or you are after man made feasts like Christmas, Easter, cent 1st as new year day?
Believers are warned to check their records with their creator to ascertain where they belong. For salvation is mainly obtain by standing resolute to the word of Yahweh not doctrines fashioned by man.
You might be a Pharisee yet you do not know because you are worshipping in a church. Check the doctrine of your church and also cross check the scriptures with fasting, mediation and confession to know where you are.
You must worship with the sacred personal name of Yahweh in your prayers and praises, you must also worship Yahweh on the seventh day in keeping to his words, you must also observe only Yahweh appointed feast days of celebration and not man made feasts days. Please read John 15:45 check also the warning in Revelation 22:18-19. This is because of the prevailing Christmas, lent, Sunday worship against Yahweh appointed days of worship and feast, read. Lev. 23:1-end. Checking the scriptures without allowing man or personality influencing you will prove to you either you are a Pharisee or a true believer of the creator Yahweh, whether you are doing exactly a believer or a Pharisee believer?
You can free yourself if you really want to be sure of your salvation go to the holy assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach.
To obtain salvation is not to go to church by to be directed but an anointed Prophet or teacher of the age, at No. 4A Elechi Beach, behind the UBA Board, Mile 1, Diobu, Port Harcourt just as the most senior prophet Yahmarabhi-Ha-Meshiyach who was sent by the saviour of mankind, Yahoshea Meshiyach to correct and direct the believers to the main scriptural truth. Many church goers are faithful but they are Pharisees because they were indoctrinated by personality, church doctrines.
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