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Port Harcourt Residents Commend Sanitation Authority… Task Them On Motor Parks

Pius Dukor

Residents of Port Harcourt the Rivers State capital have commended the State Sanitation Authority under the chairmanship of Mr. Ade Adeogun for the tremendous improvement to rid the streets of Port Harcourt refuse.

Our correspondent who went round the metropolis to ascertain the state of the city, gathered that the new leadership of he Sanitation Authority has made enough efforts at returning Port Harcourt to its lost glory as garden city of Nigeria.

Chinedu Okpara a businessman at Ikwerre Road stated that the road is clean now than before. He told our correspondent that in the past when contractors distill the gutters, it will take a long time before refuse contractors will come and clear them, but things have changed now as contractors come to clear the road at will.

Another business man who live around Rumukuta roundabout, Mr. Eze Amadi said that he believes that Sanitation Authority has done more than before, because most of our major roads and streets are no longer being used as dumpsites like before.

On the Rumuokoro axis of Port Harcourt, residents commended what they term as a “sudden dramatic change to clear the streets”. Mrs. Elizabeth Wobo said that in the past Rumuokoro junction was not clean as it is now.

Those of Aba Road corroborated with the views of their on Ikwerre Road counterparts. They particularly praised the present sanitation Authority for its prompt action in handling refuse and illegal dump sites that used to deface Port Harcourt, the Garden City.

Some passers-by who were asked to comment on the present state of Port Harcourt, gave pass mark, urging them to sustain the tempo.

A taxi driver who gave his name as Abel Dike, stated that some of the negative behaviour of people have changed over time due to the seriousness of those refuse contractors and those working with them.

However, our correspondent spotted some of the motor parks in the state, such as Mile 1 and Mile 3 as places that have refused to imbibe the culture of cleanliness or policy since the new sanitation boss assumed office some few months ago.

The new sanitation Boss, Mr. Ade Adeogun as he assumed office recently called on all refuse contractors and read the riot act on sanitation to them. He used the meeting to warn the lazy ones among them who are not ready to work, to prepare to give the way.

In another development, the Ntawogba Creek has just been distilled to allow water flow into the creek properly. A close look at the activities of the sanitation authority shows that there are road swippers on our major roads, including the Ada-George under construction.

Refuse contractors now keep their vehicle while residents drop their refuse directly into the vehicle at some collection sites. ##

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