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Amnesty Is For Convicted Criminals

A foremost warlord and freedom fighter in the Niger Delta Alhaji Asari Dokubo has without hesitation stated that the federal government of Nigeria was wrong in saying that they have given amnesty to Niger Delta freedom fighters.

The freedom fighter maintained that Niger Delta freedom fighters are not criminals and as such the federal government could not have claimed that it has given amnesty to those who are fighting for a just cause, pointing out that it is criminals that are given amnesty.

The foremost freedom fighter of the Niger Delta made this declaration in his country home, Buguma last week, adding that it is very wrong for the federal government to claim that it has given amnesty to Niger Delta militants. He noted that what the freedom fighters of Niger Delta did was fighting for their right so it will be wrong to call or address the freedom fighters of the Niger Delta region “militants”, hence making them criminals before the law of the federation. The freedom fighter declared.

“You could only give amnesty to a convicted criminal, stressing that is not the case with the Niger Delta freedom fighters, so how come the amnesty?” Asari questioned.

He used the opportunity to call on the federal government to check oil block allocation critically and address the situation, as a part of the country is favoured above those in the region that is producing the oil, that is sustaining the economy of the country. ###

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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