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GGSS Orominike Election: Orientation Of Leadership In Secondary School

Activist: Dr. Augusta Fubara, should be a woman to be encouraged by the Rivers State government for living above board; Conducting election in secondary school is something that had not been done in any part of Nigeria or has not been heard of since the inception of secondary school education curriculum in Nigeria.

For students to select their own choice leaders is something that should be encouraged to stay and should be given a priority in the secondary school curriculum.

Dr. Fubara gesture in introducing this noble idea in the secondary school is something that will help not only the students but the government. This means that the students of today are leaders of the society tomorrow. It is therefore encouraging that Dr. Fubara has taken the right step in setting the pace for leadership orientation in the secondary school system, for others to emulate.

Introducing election in the secondary school system will make the students to believe in themselves to know the value of leadership qualities, and at the same time correct rigging and cheating syndrome in election when they came into the society as adults, because they have involved themselves in the electoral system when they are in secondary school. Such system will produce good tomorrow leaders. For the fact that they have been voted for after a clear screening done by the school authority and the entire students of the secondary school system.

Leadership is something you could acquire by learning and one could also have leadership qualities naturally. But the most important thing is the idea doing the right thing in the society as students, knowing that they are the leaders of tomorrow in the society. Directing the minds of the students to work and act when they are old so that they will not depart from doing the right thing is what I think was behind the initiator’s mind.

That is why Dr. Fubara’s action is commendable at a time the society is full of all sorts of insincerity, cheating, mostly amongst our political leaders, where rigging in every of our electoral system is the system of the day. People who are seeking for the people votes to govern them were only interested to rig or cheat to get their way to obtain power, just to steal the people’s money meant for development.

Dr. Augusta Fubara, as a principal of government Girls Secondary School Orominike, for the first time in the history of secondary school in Nigeria allowed the students of her school to vote and be voted for. To introduce the system proper, She involved INEC official in conducting the election the same way political parties elections were conducted.

This has not happened in Nigeria, where the Nigeria police, the press, political observers were invited to supervise secondary school election.

The students were screened and allowed to draft and present their manifestoes before staff and students of the school.

To me, I am not surprise because it is on record that Dr. Augusta Fubara was that female principal that has made history with Nigeria secondary education administration few years ago, she was adjudged the Nigerian best secondary school principal administrator of the country.

The recognition of her creativity in the secondary school administration almost earn her a commissionership portfolio in the Rivers State. She has indeed showed that she is ready to add to the secondary school system in the state as well as the whole country.

If given the enabling environment, I am sure, she will change the school system in the country to a credible and admirable one.

Above all the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) should without delay recommend her for permanent secretary position appointment to the Rivers State government.

Worker: Election in secondary school, waoh! This is amazing what was the principal thinking? This is first of it kind in Nigeria. Dr. Augusta Fubara is known for her love for education and doing it right attitude.

No wonder she was voted the best principal in Nigeria secondary school administrator. The lesson to learn here is leadership orientation. I think she is trying to imbibe in the students the culture of voting candidates of their choices and to be voted for. If at secondary school they are introduced to what they will come to practice in the society later when they are done with their studies, they will actual get it right, when they would vie for any political position in their adulthood.

The idea is good and should be supported. What I find most interesting in was the idea of bringing INEC to conduct the election, the transparency she established in the whole thing, shows that Dr. Fubara is an icon with a heart. For her to go as far as bringing the Nigeria police, press and political observers is something that amazed me positively. It shows that she wants our school system to learn leadership qualities from the school. I just hope this will be followed up and encouraged in all other schools in Nigeria. She again had set another record, first the best secondary school principal in Nigeria, now the first principal to introduce election of secondary school prefects by the students themselves.

I hope the Rivers State government is noting what this woman is doing? This is history and the Rivers State government need to encourage her.

She had made the state proud before and now she is taking the government of the day in another development area. Why not appoint her as commissioner of youth development in the state.  She  has recorded that feat by becoming the best principal in the country. The same Dr. Fubara is telling the government in practical term what to do with the secondary school age. If our voting electoral system needs to be right.

Even the bell ringer to be voted by the student is quiet a developmental system that should be copied by other secondary school. In those days, when we are in secondary school, Bell ringer was entirely a job for brilliant students who are passionate and punctual to school. This is indeed, orientation of leadership by example. May Dr. Augusta Fubara of Government Girls Secondary School. Live long enough to proffer more for our secondary school system to excel.

She needs to be given an higher appointment or given a more challenging task in the educational sector or she should be appointed a commissioner in the Rivers State Ministry of education, since she is not a politician but a career civil servant.

Student: What is good for the gender is good for the goose. Dr. Fubara, introducing students electing or selecting prefects by themselves is a clear indication that she respect our democracy. Whatever that is in her mind before introducing this noble gesture should be applauded.

First, I think, she wants the students to believe in themselves, thus making them feel important, thereby assuring them that they have a say in the happening of the society after leaving the secondary school system. She is also using the election to orientate leaders of tomorrow and much is expected of them by the society after graduation. This is a step in the right direction. Allowing the students to choose their prefects by themselves, this is noble and should be encouraged by all and sundry. The Rivers State government should look out for people like Dr. Augusta Fubara of government Girls Secondary School, Orominike and put in position of trust and authority. People who are developmentally minded are core administrators. Who are creative and are ready to go all out to develop the youths. Though such may not be many, Dr. Fubara has set the pace.

 Market Woman: I heard of the news and I was amazed. Election in the secondary school system by the students selecting their choice prefects. This should be called Nigeria Dr. Fubara wonder. I also learnt Dr. Augusta Fubara had been decorated with lots of achievement away by different group and associations. We, women are like the engine room of the society. Whatever we do we do it prefect. Let Nigerians learn how to trust the womenfold and we will turn the country round for good.

Give us the presidency and we will make Nigeria one. A woman is a passionate performer in all fields, that is what I think Dr. Augusta Fubara has just confirmed again, first she won the best principal award from the then president, Late Yar’Adua. Now, she has introduce a system that will help produce seasoned technocrat in our political system in the country. First, the tomorrow leaders to believe in themselves, secondly for them to have the ability to correct the system, if they could get it right through Dr. Fubara in the secondary school level.

For this show of commitment I think what Dr. Fubara needs is encouragement of higher appointment for her to bring her true creativity to bear. And I tell you she will really excel.

Comforter: Those who are conscious of Yahweh will always think of good plans. This is what Dr. Augusta Fubara has demonstrated. Love for the society and her fellow human beings.

For love of the children and society, she is taking this step because tomorrow is the children’s future, and since there will be no better society without better men, she has decided to build the society through the tomorrow’s leaders.

It is in the right thing to do and she should be supported. As a Yahweh fearing daughter, she always keeps her slate clean and never stops doing good.

If the federal and state governments could encourage such people like Dr. Augusta Fubara, the society will produce harmony. ###

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