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ISSUES ABATTOIR: Rivers PDP Politics: One Good Turn Deserves Another


With James Mgboineme


Rivers PDP Politics: One Good Turn Deserves Another

The Saying or Maxim, One good turn deserves another could better describe the Political war raging on between the Governor Amaechi led government of the Peoples Democratic Party, Hon. Felix Obuah Chairmanship faction of the same PDP Purportedly championed by the Honourable minister of Education for State Barr. Onyesom Wike and Presidency as alleged in many quarters.

Those who were previously hurt are the most qualified to narrate and explain how painful it is to be hurt by any government or individual.

The former Governor of Bayelsa State Chief Diepiriye Alamieyesigha is better placed to accurately narrate his ordeal even as the immediate past Governor of Bayelsa Chief Timipre Silver could say his little story.

For Timipre Sylva, he had the power as State Governor and no one even the Presidency was able to talk him down, but in the end the lesser Power met with the higher one, guess which one bowed and what happened.

In Rivers State there was the issue of K-leg which is no longer a new one as the incumbent governor was brought on seat through the court of law.

As perceived in many quarters of the federation, the acceptance, forgiveness, integration and Love existing between President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State was allegedly responsible for the sudden face off between the immediate past President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, and the incumbent President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, GCFR.

If the above is not disputed, then the claims by many supporters of the duo personalities that these are very close and love themselves may be correct.

According to Prince Tonye Princewill in a recent chat with journalists even as reported on Port Harcourt telegraph Vol. VI. No. 83 of April 30th – May 6th, 2013 that there was no problem between the governor and President Jonathan but what happens is the system base problem.

If disobedience, insubordination is a crime against man and not God Himself without sincere apology then former elected Chairman of Andoni Local Government Area, Apostle Hon. Felix Fyneface Ayayi, Hon. Walter Ibibia Opuene, Hon. Tammy Datoru of Okrika and that of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area, Hon. Chris Ochije are in position to deeply express how painful it was to be ousted out of office after being legally elected by the people to serve.

War against superiors, higher powers seemingly tastes sweet but the end probably justifies the means of any war. Remember, war always take sundry dimensions’. I supposed.

Apostle Hon. Felix Fyneface Ayayi was thrown out of office in 2009 without an opportunity to say ‘I’m, sorry’ for whatever may have been the differences; Ayayi was further kidnapped immediately after suspension from office by the Rivers state house of Assembly, Hon. Walter Opuene Ibibia and Hon.Tammy Datoru of Okrika LGA Witnessed similar disgrace.

Coincidentally, Chris Ochije of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Council also had his share of the assault from the Rivers State Government.

Now, the ball has been rolled to Obio/Akpor Local Government Council where Prince Timothy Nsirim was removed uninformed.

These Chairmen under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi within these 6 years have in one way or the other tasted some bitter pills, which supposedly their supporters and beneficiaries were hurt and remain unhappy.

It is also pertinent to refresh ones memory that the Nigeria Court of Law removed His Excellency Sir, Celestine Ngozichim Omehia from Office in 2007. But after much cries and attempts by his supporters to have him returned to office which proved abortive, Sir Celestine may have concluded that pleadings, apologies may not be necessary at any circumstances, hence Omehia got grounded at the Nations Supreme Court. The best is yet to come.

From the day Abuja Federal High Court ousted Chief Godspower U. Ake and his exco of Rivers PDP and brought in the Hon. Felix Obuah led exco, the political system in the ruling PDP and government of Rivers State had not rested anymore.

It seems that the trouble for the State governor Mr. Amaechi is more compounded like those of the sacked former Chairmen in the State.

Currently, the issue in Rivers State takes the lead in most of the National and Local tabloids on the negative perspective; could it be a misfortune or misdemeanor? Nature has the answer.

Could the Court’s judgment that Ushered in Felix Obuah be described as a miscarriage of justice, then the 2007 Apex Court decision could be termed as mischance for certain group.

Many people could say whatever they wish or feel like saying, but what I mean is that irrespective of our position in the society our actions should firstly be weighed before taken since the future has something to offer.

Today, it is the grounding of the aircraft, Bombardier BD 700 Global express aircraft with registration number 5N5N65 RS. An issue that generates double ownership of the aircraft, as Rivers State claims ownership but the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) posits that by its registration, the aircraft belongs to the Bank of Utah Trustee of the Salt Lake City, Utah United States of America.

Yesterday, it was the G.U. Ake’s Versus Hon. Felix Obuah’s Court Judgment, what is going on?

Tomorrow will it be the Supreme Court again? While the People are already confused of the heat in the polity, the Obuah led State Party exco had issued the governor 48 hours ultimatum, to explain the ownership of the aircraft and announced the purported suspension of the 27 out of 32 lawmakers from the State Assembly. The 48 hours have since expired last Wednesday and who is conversant with the next step by Obuah or Gov. Amaechi, time will tell.

Many serious minded PDP stalwarts are watching as the game plays out but there seems to be silence by some respected leaders in the state and beyond.

Most worrisome is the issue of name calling on President Goodluck Jonathan against Gov. Amaechi. I think those pointing accusing finger to the Presidency should first question themselves on who ignited the feud first, who started the crisis, thread their word with caution and seek for possible solution to the crisis rocking the Party:

It was a hunter who looked for trouble in the bird’s kingdom thereby given the birds the wisdom on how to live. “Like Nneke the bird says, Since Men have learned to shoot without missing; I have also learnt to fly without perching”. It is obvious that there must not be a spoke without fire in what is bedeviling the Rivers State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Like the sacked former Chairmen, in their days of travail, the State governor might be feeling certain Pains, but whatever that has a beginning equally has an end.

“Wolu, fetch me water and let me wash my hands, madume said painting. The night was as black as Soot and the villagers were still in their first sleep. Did all go well? Wolu asked, yes, but it was terrible.

How? I could almost feel the presence d the Spirits around us. We had to rum (Elechi Amadi)

I feel that certain Spirits are after Rivers State, do we wait until another day? Elechi Amadi demonstrated how worried and terrified Madume was when he met circumstances beyond him, yet went to bed till next day; a stitch in time saves time.

In life, two captains cannot pilot a ship at the same time; one must go before and after another, hence a prospective captain in Our Political ship should wait whatsoever being the case for his/her time to come.

If Rivers People who honoured 2007 Court Verdict, now honours April 2013 Verdict, it is the same rule of law and must be respected however. Yet must be constitutionally handled as at other times.

It is my revered opinion that respect should be accorded whom it is due for peace to be restored in the nation and state. You know what, what was good for the genders isn also good for’ the goose now.

Therefore, I propose that the governor who could not accept apologies from the sacked Chairmen should go back to the Presidency for an unreserved apology and learn to be submissive to authorities, knowing too well that he was unfair to some Chairmen and Elders statemen in the State

The blame and accusing fingers against former Chief of Staff and incumbent minister of Education for States Hon. Onyeson Wike and the Presidency should not have risen in the first instance, if proper analysis and consideration were given first thought.

Let us live in peace and let the Parties seek dialogue before the worst happens. I love my representatives. ###

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