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What Has Control Over Your Life Whether You Pray or Not

So when the individual prays to God and thinks that God has answered his prayers let him know that he is simply reaping the seeds he has sown in a former lifetime or numerous lifetimes. This is the reason why some people are rich and others are very poor, some are very beautiful while others are very ugly and so on and so forth.

This is commonly referred as destiny or ‘good luck’ or ‘coincidence’.

But coincidence is a situation where God has chosen to be anonymous.

What then is the way out for man? Can man escape the clutches of destiny or will he be subjected to this suffering forever and ever?

Man can only escape this ‘going and coming’ through undertaking acts of love that has the potential of balancing all his ‘evil’ or ‘unkind’ thoughts, words and deeds. When he has generated sufficient love that would make his spiritual account appear in credit, then he shall qualify to meet with the Living Godman who will connect him to the returning wave of the Holy Spirit that will eventually lead him back home on his journey home to God.

 The Living Godman has been appointed by God to perform this task for those Souls who are ready for the journey back home. Some of us are not ready for they still revel in prosperity gods that are yet to satisfy their insatiable material cravings and thus these groups of people are not yet ready for the journey back home.

It is the individual’s responsibility to find out the Living Godman. The individual can meet with the Living Godman either physically or spiritually. But spiritually is better and easier because this can be achieved through the easy way.

When the individual sings the Holy and Sacred name of God known as HU, he is simply saying ‘God let thy will be done in my life’. This is because the HU is a non-directional prayer. It is an act of devotion to God Almighty.

How can I sing the HU?

The individual sits in a tailor fashion, eyes closed, with the attention focused in between the two eyebrows at the center of the forehead. Breathing in and out for a few times, the individual then sings HU in an outward breadth like this ‘huuuuuueeee’. This is done repeatedly for about 5-20 minutes before bedtime and the individual will be shown why he is experience those ‘seemingly impossible situations’ in his or her life without making demands of God. This shall come in the dream state and the individual must learn how to record these messages.

Instead of the individual praying ‘God please give me a job or wife or husband’, the request becomes ‘God what can I do to get a job?’ ‘What can I do to get a husband or wife?’ These are complex but simple issues that people take undue advantage of in our world today. When feedback to these issues comes in our dreams, we must remember to write them down and follow the instructions of God.

There have never been any intermediaries between man and God except the ones we willingly put there. The direct telephone line to God is the HU, the all purpose elixir.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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