Your Spiritual Education!

The journey of Soul for Spiritual Education began eons of time ago from the bosom of God our Father, our Creator. Reacting upon the love within Itself, God created Soul in its own image and likeness.  Soul was thus created from that essence of God commonly known as the Holy Spirit, the voice of God. Soul therefore became the Holy Spirit individualized and existed because of God’s love for It.

Soul was likewise endowed with all the attributes of God namely omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. But these attributes were lying dormant and latent in Soul and had to be developed and put to use in order for Soul to realize Itself. Again since this essence of God is love and Soul was created out of love, it needed training to qualify as a channel for the appropriation of the divine love of God.

Training schools were thus established for the purpose of training Souls in all the lower universes of God.

The universes of God comprises of both the upper and lower divisions. The upper division is purely spiritual and Soul exist as pure Light and Sound while the lower division consists of varying mixture of both spirit and materiality. As one moves out to the farthest part of the universe where we have our dear earth, one discovers a greater proportion of material energy.

At the top of the lower worlds we have the Mental world from which the mind of man originates while at the farthest end we have the physical universe where man believes he has physical existence. Our earth as said earlier is located within the Physical world where everything is seen as a physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Thus the Journey of Soul begins from the heart of God in the pure Spiritual Worlds to the farthest end of creation in the physical universe for the purpose of Soul’s spiritual education. As man travels through the different heavens of God to Its spiritual training school otherwise known as the University of life, he is equipped with different school uniforms required for study in the different levels or classes he would belong to.

As said earlier, the highest class in the lower worlds is the Mental World. For Soul to study here, he is given a mind uniform so to say, that shields his spiritual body from the vibratory effects of his new school environment which contains a certain proportion of materiality. If there is a need for Soul to travel further to the next heaven or class he is also given an appropriate uniform to enable It study in that environment conducive for Its spiritual education.

Thus while Soul is required to study here on earth, he is required to wear a suitable uniform known as the HU-man body that would shield Soul from the coarse material environment that Soul finds Itself. Thus Soul becomes known as the HU-man Being.

As students in primary, secondary or university leave their homes every day for school wearing school uniforms so also does Soul pick up Its uniform (physical, astral, causal or mental bodies) and goes to school in any of the levels assigned to it in the universes of God. Just as the student spends about eight hours in school for his education at school for that particular day, so also does Soul study whether on Earth or Venus or in any school Its assigned, stays for about 100 years earth time and returns home to Its creator in a process known as death, where It removes the uniform (the Hu-man body) and returns home from school for that day (one to how many years man is allowed to stay at school). Just as students return back to school the following day, Soul also returns back to Its training school be it on earth or anywhere in the universes of God as long as It takes Soul to graduate from Its spiritual education.

So every time Soul has to go back home to Its parents just as our children return from school to us. Soul has never left the pure heavens of God. It simply picks up a uniform and goes to school for a while and returns home to make use of the spiritual knowledge obtained while at school and such knowledge is now put to use in assisting Its parent, God after graduation. Thus Soul becomes a Co-Worker with God.

This is the spiritual destiny of all Souls!

Though while at school some students get carried away, forgetting that they have to go back home. Some students are also afraid of going back home to drop the uniform and also some believe that they go to school only once and will not return to study another day. These different beliefs are what define our accepting the different religions we find ourselves today.

Some HU-man beings who have come to earth for their spiritual education and have forgotten where they come from and that they would need to go back home would tell you that Life is only lived once and after this, death. They cannot remember from where they have come.

For those students ‘who are afraid of dropping the school uniform’ are those who are afraid to drop the Human body in the process of death because they have forgotten that home is always a beautiful place where God awaits them to put the knowledge acquired in school (earth) to good use at home (heaven).

For those students who ‘believe that they do not have to come back to school the following day’ are those who do not believe in reincarnation because the memory of such individuals have been closed and no access is granted to what was learnt in school (past lives) the previous years.

Through the process of Karma and reincarnation, man continues to go back to school everyday until he wakes up from his spiritual slumber and begins to see similarities in the events that happen in his life. They have all become very familiar indeed!

At the head of this spiritual training program is a servant of God commonly known as ‘Devil’ or ‘Satan’. He has been assigned by God to ensure that no impure Soul goes back home to God. This is why he is known as the ‘Tempter of Soul’. There is no known ‘Savior’ that has come to the schools in the lower worlds that has not been tempted by this being.  It is the responsibility of this being to give Soul all he requires to study in the University of Life. Through the five passions of the mind (lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity) and Karma, Soul is tested and given assignments that would make sure that Soul realizes Itself as a spark of God.

On this spiritual journey, Soul is also given a Spiritual Coach or Guide whose responsibility it is to guide Soul back into the heavenly Worlds, the actual home of Soul. Since so many Souls have forgotten who they are or where they come from, God in Its infinite Love and Mercy made a provision for Soul to periodically make contact with this Spiritual Coach so as to give Soul all necessary assistance.

While it is the responsibility of the Tempter of Soul to hold unpurified Souls in the lower worlds (through making reality out of illusions) away from going back home (heaven), the Spiritual Coach’s responsibility is to remove the ready Soul from the wheel of reincarnation and set Soul’s feet on the way back home to God.

For that Soul who is ready, the password is the HU.

The HU is the Holy and Sacred name of God. This is the name God gave to Itself. All other names are names that different individuals from different cultures and perceptions have used to identify that force that man could not understand, commonly referred to as God.

When the individual who really desires God (most of us actually desire material things while we think we desire God!) sings the HU, (pronounced Hue with an outward breath) for a period of ten to twenty minutes before bedtime, the scales of ignorance is removed for the individual to experience truth as the Light and Sound of God. The memory of the individual is rejuvenated and he would start viewing scenes from past lives he had attended in this school called life. The individual would start realizing ‘the reason’ behind all the events in his life. He would start being the ’cause’ and not the ‘effect’ in all the things that happen in his life. He would then discover that Destiny is for those who have been held in the shackles of the Tempter of Souls, the illusion of life.

The individual would then realize that material things are the ‘Golden Chains’ that the Tempter of Soul uses to tie Souls to the world of illusion, the university of life. Soul would now realize that the only way he can escape from this training school and go back home to heaven is to cultivate love. For love and love only is the passport that Soul requires to get back on this journey back home to God. The path back to this heaven of God is located in the forehead of man and it is only that Soul who has love in his heart that would discover the narrow way back from this school of Illusion.

The Spiritual Coach is the Wayshower. He knows the way and waits for that individual who is ready to go back home from school.

For others, you only go to school once!



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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