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Centenary Race; Produces 13-year-old Sprinter

The centenary marathon race that was concluded on the 30th of August 2013 has produced a future Olympic sprinter in the person of little Joy Francis as she beats the adults to become the 1st runner up in the female category of the one day centenary marathon race.

The 13 year old Joy Francis has all the potentials that any future Olympic sprinter has, she could have made it up in the first position, if not the agility of another teenager from Okrika in Rivers State, Ibinima Harrison.

In the female category 16-year-old Ibinima Harrison from OKrika secured the 1st position,, Rivers State, Joy Francis, 13 years from AKULGA and 23-year-old Blessing Wika from Rivers State claimed the first and second runners up respectively.

Ita Okon from Cross River State, a 35-year-old came 1st in the male category, Clinton Amara from Imo State claimed the first runner up and 17-year-old Dooyene Kisi from Rivers came third to end the keenly contested one day centenary marathon race.

The race was put up in commemoration of the Port Harcourt 100 years anniversary.

Deputy Governor, Engr. Tele Ikuru flagged off the race and also presented the winners with their certificate of participation in representing Gov. Amaechi.###

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