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You Know Where Kattey Is, Okah Accuses Amaechi

Former Rivers State Commissioner for Information Mr Emma Okah has accused the Rivers State Government of masterminding the kidnap of Anglican Arch Bishop Ignatius Kattey and called on them to pursue his freedom and stop playing politics with the sad event.

Okah warned that the Government will be held accountable if anything happens to Arch Bishop Kattey because Governor Amaechi had earlier said that the Arch Bishop was not supporting him in the battle with some politicians in the state. At the 60th Birthday thanksgiving church service in June 2013 to mark OCJ Okocha’s 60th Birthday, Amaechi had warned him to either support him (Amaechi) or stay with the opposition group and I am not aware that the Arch Bishop has

changed his anti partisan posture to support Amaechi.

Okah made the accusation in a press statement issued in Port Harcourt in response to the statement credited to the State Government that the kidnap means that Rivers State was sliding to anarchy due to failure of security.

According to Okah, the statement by the state government is mischievous, wicked and intended to ridicule and discredit the Nigeria Police and opposing political leaders in the state and paint a picture of anarchy where Amaechi, who has failed to discharge his duties as governor, will be seen as a saint. Okah regretted that kidnap for ransom in Rivers State and other parts of the country has never stopped since 2006 and Amaechi knows that unemployment and rush for quick wealth instead of failure of security is the major cause of this.

“The Kidnap of Anglican Arch Bishop Kattey is one of the many high profile kidnap cases in Nigeria and every responsible citizen of this country must feel concerned and play a role including prayers, to seek his early release from captivity. Therefore, it is wicked for Amaechi to use this ugly kidnap of an aged servant of God to seek political mileage, trade blames and play politics instead of getting the man out first” Okah said.

Okah said that if the state is sliding to anarchy as claimed by the state government, then Amaechi is to be held fully responsible and he has no business remaining in  office as governor. He should tow the path of honour and quit.

“Rivers State Government is now like a ship without compass, no focus, no direction. If he cannot resign, Amaechi should sit down and tackle the problems of the people of the State. He cannot continue to accumulate debts for the incoming government while wasting state resources in attracting and fighting personal and political wars that add no value to the development of the state or the lives of his

people” Okah further said.

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