GOV. AMAECHI 2The Implications of APC RallyAt Rivers Government House

Advantages and disadvantages abound in every sphere of life, system, deed or event of life given the circumstance that may greet it.

Rivers State has been enslave in political brouhaha and crisis that has led to the sacking and resignation of some appointees and elected personnel in the present government in the state.

Politics especially in Rivers State has promoted some and as well ridicule others while some are richer even as many become beggars. It has become a state of name calling and washing of individuals’ dirty linen outside.

Politics in Rivers State has made richer even non-indigenes who came to Rivers in any guise to siphon our money while indigenes are relegated to background.

To a certain extent, I suggest that the state has become not only a battle ground but a training and breeding ground for real politicians and political jobbers alike, where vulgarism becomes the order of the day.

The crisis in Rivers polity has pitch especially the ruling Peoples Democratic Party against itself. But in whatever way one will look at it, from the both warring divide, the onus of the matter is either selfish motives, group interest and above all greediness of the highest order where elders and youths are no longer whom and what they are as abandonment, marginalization as well as ill-treatment decides the direction of affairs in the government put together by all.

No doubt, the political jam in the state have endanger many if not all sectors of the economy even as opposition political parties now romances with the ruling party, a situation were the opposition cannot see anything good even in a workable sector, what a disaster.

Now, the rally in Rivers State Government House on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th November, 2013 has not only justify the romances by any opposition political party but revealed many hidden agenda by either group of individuals or political parties, and this has its attendant merits and demerits.

First, because it was not a genuine meeting for the benefit of the public, hence it was held in the brick house, irrespective of any reason one may try to give.

What that means was that if it were to have any human face, it would have gotten the approval of the security agencies in the state in accordance with the existing order aimed at restoring peace in the State.

It also presume that, the Rivers State Government is not in anyway ready to obey the order by the police authority in the state, otherwise such rally or meeting as painted by the organizers would have been held in a more acceptable playground.

Secondly, there wouldn’t have been any open rally of such if the purported wooing was not previously Okayed, acceptable and welcomed by the Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. The question is why hosting an opposition party in a government house controlled by a ruling party, if there was no nod at first instance?

The ‘TRUTH’ is that no one is a kid that cannot read the handwriting on the wall on the event in Rivers State Government House, Port Harcourt.

It goes to portray the allegations of the party led by Bro. Felix Obuah that Gov. Amaechi has perfected his plans to defect to the APC in the State and as well funding it.

But these allegations were seriously opposed to by Amaechi’s men like Tony Okocha, Ibim Seminitari, Emma Chinda and others.

The event in Government House is no longer news that the governor and his alleged supporters have moved to APC but they only came to deceive themselves rather than Rivers people.

Thirdly, that event was meant to deceive the visiting APC leadership that the governor is on ground in the state. That deceit was not for men but perhaps for boys and jobbers, I suggest.

To certain boys and jobbers it may seem that the crowd are loyalists of the governor, but it is far from the truth.

You could recalled that, I have sounded it severally that the 27 supposed membership of the Rivers State House of Assembly may not be for the governor, now the truth is in broad light.

Before, I proceed, let me thank those of you who patronises, “The Newswriter” and often follow up “Issues Abattoirs” and your comments on our mail.

Again, the event is a great deceit to the state chief executive himself because he may believe that the attendees are all his but one should not be surprise that at the open move of the governor to another party his real supporters would be identified and not now.

The confusion, the event posses to the public is lesser than those it may pose to the governor himself as the battle line is just drawn.

The governor’s statement of consulting with Mr. President and others is to a great extent a political statement that has no bearing but deceitful as the truth of the government event was boldly explained in a simple language.

What I owe my good and amiable governor is to advise him to retract his steps, make a fast U-turn from his considered bold step and to examine his advisers on this issue to avoid any unforeseen reaction.

His suspension from PDP is not expulsion hence his good sense of judgment for his personal interest would be very welcomed by real men who are not jobbers in the field.

The track records of certain political office holders should be used as a parameter for tomorrow. Thank you and remain blessed. ###


With James Mgboineme

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