The Problems Of Sea Pirates In Nigeria

NIGERIA MAPOver the years the waters ways were the safest in the country. Apart from land transportation, water transport is another easiest way to convey goods from one end to another, The trend or emergence of sea pirates is alien to Nigerian people, especially those living in the coastal communities. The new development has caused panic in the water transport sector.

Indeed, sea pirates activities in the waters have caused untold hardship and terror to water transporters. The attacks by sea pirates on their victims are unimaginable as sometimes their victims are killed and thrown into rivers. Ships in the water ways face a lot of attacks by sea pirates. Sometimes all the crew members, are killed for not complying to their demands. The fact remains that fisher men are not left out for the attacks as sea pirates see them as easy preys. Fisher men often face series of unwarranted attacks by sea pirates. Sometimes their engines are stolen and in the end they are killed if there is any atom of resistance. Traders are not also left out as their monies for buying and selling are stolen from them. It is observed that sea piracy has increased tremendously thereby causing economic depreciation of the water sector.

Sea piracy today portends danger to anyone who does his or her business through the water ways. Indeed some women are raped in the process of stealing their monies. it is worthy to note that there is a security lapse on the ways. That is why it has become a haven for the pirates to commit all the dastardly and nefarious acts and go without arrest. The incessant attacks by sea pirates are threat to life and development of the riverine communities whose entry point is only the sea route.

The pirates sometimes kidnap their victims on the high sea and demand for huge ransome. It is obvious that the inability to curtail the activities of sea pirates has given room. for uncontrollable attacks. Both Nigerians and non Nigerians have been waylaid and killed in the water ways.

Security agency, especially the Navy has not done much to stop the menace. This in a way could be as a resUlt of lack modern security facilities. Gun boats and helicopters should be given to Nigerian Navy for smooth operations on the waters ways. The Navy should also be given lighter speed boats that can transverse the shallow Creeks.

The victims of sea pirates are not only civilians but also the military. On Tuesday 15th October 2013, there was serious attack by sea pirates against the military at Ikuru Town River in Andoni Local Government Area. The attack led to the death of three soldiers. The attack by the sea pirates would have caused military invasion of some communities if not the professional investigation by the military. The military swung into action to arrest the situation. But the fleeing pirates made away with the speed boat carrying the soldiers to Ikuru Town.

Indeed, a week later two foreigners were kidnapped on the sea in of the coastal communities. The problems of sea pirates are numerous considering the negative impact on the coastal dwellers. It is also affecting economic activities in Nigeria. Sea pirates lay ambush for their innocent victims before unleashing terror on them. it is no longer news in Nigeria about the activities of sea pirates. Today, travellers on Bonny, Oyorokotor, Kuala, Ikot-Abasi and other coastal communities are travelling by the mercy of God. The activities of the sea pirates are posing grave danger to rural dwellers as they are not comfortable to use the sea route again. The pirates operate with sophisticated weapons which in a way weaken the operations of the security agencies.

Thus, it is time to launch aggressive campaign against sea piracy. The young men and women who indulge in such should lay down their arms for peace to reign on the water ways. The Navy and marine police should be equipped to fight the Menace.


Frank Eneawaii Ogwuonuonu


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