Eternal Light, Essence Of The Season

CHRISTMAS TREEPreparations are on high gear in the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind. Both Christians and non believers are involve in this preparation of the celebration of His birth.

As December 25, the day of the commemoration draws closer, prices of food stuff have gone high, beyond the reach of the common man.

This season has come with its challenges such as prostitution, and other related crimes. Young girls have gone into prostitution to meet up the demands of the time like wearing of new apparel and other fine linens. Thus 419, deceit and extortion are on the increase.

Religious organizations in this season are putting some spiritual programmes in place to uplift the souls of men. In the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), our spiritual head, Pastor E. A. Adeboye has packaged a programme tagged, “Let’s Go A Fishing”, an out reach/evangelistic event that bring succour to the people.

This year’s “Let’s Go A Fishing” will commence December 22-25, 2013. My family and I are preparing to be actively involved in the programme,  to once again declare His second coming.

Many see this season as a period of worldly enjoyment. Undisputedly several youths will be indulged in excess alcohol intake, attending picnics, sexual promiscuity and other social vices.

Well, the essence of this season is not to get one self in-tangle with “unnecessary carnal and material enjoyment”, that at the end defile the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the reason for this season. His non-violence lifestyle and the revelations of the mysteries of the God’s kingdom have brought light into mankind.

While on earth, Jesus declared himself as the light of the world. If you allow the Holy Spirit to reside in you, men shall see His light through you.

The essence of His birth is for us to bear this eternal light and not to engage in mere funfair to glorify the god of this world which is the devil, the old serpent. ###



Damiete West


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