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Abandonment Of Projects, A Threat To Development In Nigeria

MAP OF NIGNigeria is a great country with a strong vision to build a virile nation. One of the major agitations for independence was for purposeful development. But that has been over taken by corrupt practices which underpin real and desired development.

Since independence in 1960 and attainment of republic in 1963, Nigerians have been expecting the long awaited infrastructural development after the exit of the colonial rule in Nigeria. Indeed, it is worthy to note that some Structures built by the colonial administration are still surviving he test of time in Nigeria, like the German bridge at Ikot Abasi and some old houses in Nigeria.

The government of Nigeria by Nigerians was an administration of hopes. During the early period of the independence of Nigeria in the 1960’s, Nigerians were clamourning for positive and even development of the young sovereign nation, by then regional governments were in full control of their revenue accruing from the sale of the resources. There was competition in the country of which region was more developed. There was no unilateral control of revenue or resources by the central government.

It is obvious that the dream of dev1opment of Nigeria has been slowed down by so many factors. Some of the factors are control of land by the federal government, (Land used Act) off and on shore control of petroleum. The government in a bid to become strong at the centre known as the federal government has monopolized every resource in Nigeria.

The military government made the federal government so strong that every element emanating from petroleum is managed by the federal government and states were created in the sense of even development, which was a welcome development to some extent. Revenues from oil are shared to the states by the federal government. Indeed, to make development interesting, both federal, state and local government embarked on projects’ execution. The projects were funded with funds accruing from revenues.

But it is surprising to see government projects being abandoned in Nigeria every year with flimsy excuses. One wonders why government that wants to develop would award contract for execution and in the vein abandon such. For many years, abandonment of projects has become a tradition in Nigeria. And that alone is a taboo to development. Every successive government would always, come with promises to pacify Nigerians who are eager to see development in every part of the nation.

In the true sense of thing, Nigerians need infrastructural development and not empty promises. It is clear that in Nigeria we are lagging behind in terms of infrastructural development. The quest for development is a national phenomenon to every citizen.

And it is the right of Nigerians to have access to good roads, health facilities, power supply, water supply, mechanized farming and Education etc. It is rather very unfortunate that life transforming projects have been abandoned to the detriment of the teeming population. So any access roads to the rural communities in the country have been abandoned, even when contracts running into reasonable billions of naira have been put on such projects.

It is wickedness against the unsuspecting citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria. It is a disservice to the people. This is not what the nationalists fought for. They fought for development of Nigeria and not under development. It is a huge eyesore to see abandoned projects across the states of Nigeria; indeed, abandonment of government projects is seen to be a deliberate effort by those in government to deny the citizens their right. For many years, Nigerians have seen abandonment of projects as a threat to national development which does no one good. The good policies of the government should not be frustrated no matter the person who is at the helm of affairs.

Observationally, there is no Legislation in government stopping the ugly trend. And that has given room to continuity of such virus in the country. There is need for a change from past to embrace completion of projects in the country. The National and States Assemblies should legislate and come out with laws making abandonment of projects as offence punishable in Nigeria. Because some time contractors connive with government officials to make abandonment of projects easy even when there is fund to complete such projects.

Recently the federal government formed a body to go round the country to verify all the abandoned projects of the federal government. After the finding, an estimate of about some reasonable trillions naira ‘as arrived at as the sum to complete the projects. Well, is a welcome development. But Nigerians are tired of listening and hearing without implementation for them to see. It is high time we hold every government official accountable for every project abandoned in the country. Abandonment of projects is a waste of state fund without regard to the citizens. Abandonment of project is monster that slows down development of a people. Therefore let us rise up and say no to abandonment of projects in Nigeria, for we need rapid development in the country. ###


Frank Eneawaii Ogwuonuonu


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