Rivers Cyclists Poised To Dump Rivers

While the Paradise Games will be commencing come November 2014, Rivers State cyclists meant to represent the state have revealed to our sports desk that they are poised to dump Rivers State.

Speaking to our sports desk during the 9th garden city cycling championship, the athletes in a group, said, Rivers State government does not regard them as their athletes, as there is brace of trust between the sports authority and Rivers cyclists, according to them, uptill now their contract has not been renewed at such they have not been paid for two good years.

Even as Rivers swept all the medals in the 9th Garden City Cycling Championship, an indication that Rivers State might be a big threat to other states in the cycling event in the forth coming paradise game in Calabar because these same athletes are not happy.

This might indicate danger for Rivers State as it would not be proper for the state to loose it athletes to a waiting state who might be ready to pay higher to sustain their services.

The athletes authoritatively disclosed to our sports desk that, there is this plan the state has to employ athletes from other states with a much improved pay package better than the one they are paying the present state athletes.

They also disclosed that Akwa Ibom and other states have signed or renewed their contract with their athletes while Rivers State is not even saying anything about contract.

“As for me I am tired, without recognition, I have been doing the business for the state, I don’t know, I am tired, I might not compete for Rivers State anymore, only time will tell if nothing comes up before paradise game 2014 at Calabar, I might look for elsewhere,” Edward Osim said. ###

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