Questions You Need to Ask about God and Life

This week, we continue with series of questions people gloss over in life simply because they believe in their religion and sometimes because they are afraid to ask. Some people carry these questions in their minds till they die and pretend it would go away but the Holy Spirit has it’s own way of forcing us to learn these lessons of life.

We shall attempt to answer three of the questions mentioned in our episode about three weeks ago. These questions are:

‘If man is said to be a body at rest (mass, according to our scientists), what propels the body of man to move?’

‘Why would you see an individual for the first time and you know you have not met before but you have a feeling of knowing the individual before?’

‘When a little child dies in a tender age where he has not committed any sin where would he go to after death, heaven or hell? What would be the reason for such a life?’

These are questions that most of us will prefer not to ask simply because we do not wish to tip the apple cart. But any individual who wants to know more about himself and God must face these questions if not they cannot be allowed to see the kingdom of heaven.

‘If man is said to be body at rest (mass) what propels the body to move?’

Every night when we lay the body to rest and go to sleep, the spiritual aspect of man known as Soul has left the physical body to journey into the heavens of God. For most individuals who are not aware they are restricted onto the first heaven only. When we wake up in the morning some of us who are not trained will refer to these nightly sojourns as dreams. Some of us are not even aware that they dreamt simply because this is what our religion has thought us. In some religions, some saints who are aware of these trips make statements like ‘we die daily’ simply because they know that when we leave the body for five minutes or ten hours, we have simply visited the heavens of God. But when we leave the body permanently, we are referred to as being dead and the HU-man body that was created through the body of a woman is committed back into the soil from where it came.

When man wakes up in the morning after such trips and moves around it is simply because soul has simply re-entered the body and gives it life! Without soul, the body is dead and without life. But Soul can exist within the HU-man body or uniform. But when you hear an individual say ‘My Soul, My Soul’ on television whether he is a pastor, imam or ‘man of God’, know that the individual simply do not know who he is. For he is supposed to say ‘I am Soul, but I have a body called John!’ Therefore, Soul and individualized unit of the Holy Spirit is the force that moves your body around.


‘Why would you see an individual for the first time and you know you have never met before but you have a feeling that you know the individual?


This feeling of having seen or known somebody before or having been to a town before is simply true because of Karma and Reincarnation.

Karman is commonly known as the law of cause and effect. It is the law that ensures that we pay for any thought, word or action whether good or bad until our thoughts, words and actions are borne only out of love. If we die before paying back for our indiscretions, we simply re-incarnate into another life with same individuals we need to balance our ‘spiritual accounts’ with. When we meet such individuals either in the office environment, school, yard or market we immediately recognize them. It then ‘seems we have known them before’. Of course we do but the memory is wiped off our brain except we are spiritually developed to know the ‘spiritual history’ behind such an encounter. This karma we had with the individual must draw us together until we pay or receive from this individual before this energy of karma can be dissolved whether we pray or fast or plead with God forever.

This is the spiritual law that regulates all human thoughts, words and actions. It does not recognize any religion, tribe, color or status of the individual. Whether the individual is a president, king or queen or slave is of no consequence. Every one is judged according to this law of karma and reincarnation. An understanding of this law will save you a lot of pain.

When a little child dies at a tender age, where does the child go to, heaven or hell?

Soul is not created by God Almighty to burn in hell for ever. In actual fact Soul that has dropped the HU-man body cannot burn, cannot die, cannot drown and cannot be touched by anyone. Soul can only realize itself as a child of God. That is the purpose of Soul coming and going through all these numerous training centers scattered all over the universes of God. But until Soul learns about it’s spiritual nature and mission it will continue to reincarnate and pay for its thoughts, words and actions either as a baby or grow into an adult before dropping the body in the process known as death.

This is the mission of Soul; to realize its divinity.



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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