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What Is The Real Assignment Of Yahoshea On Earth?

Each life is an embrayo of assignment, purpose and meaning and by divine providence and personal actions, such reasons must certainly be actualized as what is generally termed as destiny. Through countless ages of search for selfhood, seekers have tried to ask questions on what shall constitute measurement for greatness. Such questions includes:- Are men great by their military genius? Their physical strength? Their mental prowess? Their political or economic prowess? Or should they be measured by their spiritual strength and capacity? Our interest centres on one of the numerous humans who have existed on this planet earth. He was born as others by a woman, grew up to manhood, established a religious ministry, arrested by authority and prosecuted, condemned and hanged. Further stories attached to this personality includes that he has pre-human existence, born through immaculate conception, did miracles, signs and wonders, resurrected after death and ascended to heaven.

The person in mention is no other than Yahoshea Meshiyach of Bethlehem of Yudea who by available record is qualified to be called the greatest man that ever lived on earth. Although some of his records have passed through distortions by religious illusionists which have aroused the doubters to accuse the recorders of his lifetime (goodnews) of indiscriminately submerging historical facts in a flood of miracle-mongering to serve the interest of Christianity.

The corruption of his record has totally eliminated the true or real assignment of his life as a personage. For example, his true name is Yahoshea Meshiyach while the translators changed it into Ihsous, Jesus Christ, Jesu etc. By this singular change, his followers must find it extremely impossible to reach him since he dwells presently in spirit world because spirits are reachable through their accurate names alone. It is likened to a caller dialing a corrupted telephone number of his loved one, certainly it must remain unreachable.

Too many historians, scientists, scholars, writers, political leaders and others  past and present have said one thing or the other about the man of Bethlehem although identifying him in most cases with the erroneous and adulterated name  Jesus Christ. For example, an English historian  H. G. Wells said that Yahoshea is easily the dominant figure in history. Likewise Philip Schaff, Swiss-born- theologian and historian comment that Yahoshea stands solitary and alone among all the heroes of history.

On his contribution, Reynolds Price, an American writer and scholar puts the intimidating record and influence of Yahoshea Meshiyach as thus, “it will require much exotic calculation however, to deny that the single most powerful figure  not merely in these two millenniums but in all human history has been Yahoshea of Nazareth”.

Equally a renown scientist, Albert Eisteen support the comment in this form, “As a child, I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud, I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene”.

After watching the awesome encomium that has been poured on Yahoshea Meshiyach by different manner of people from different quarters of life, one is thereby tempted to ask about his real assignment in life hence such shaped the caption of this article as “What Is the Real Assignment Of Yahoshea?

Truly, life of Yahoshea Meshiyach is the most influential ever lived on this planet and its effect continues to mount. Every thing that was recorded in favour of Yahoshea Meshiyach either as the son of Yahweh or son of man did has value for us today and that is something you can say of no other person dead or alive.

Likewise as admirers of Yahoshea are busy brandishing him and his works in positive tunes, the doubters are equally busy condemning his record as to be total theological legends or fabrications.

Defenders of account of Yahoshea Meshiyach have always stood their grounds that Yahoshea Meshiyach was not a creation of myth  making by theologians. For instance, let us reference Jean Jacques, French Philosopher who defended Yahoshea as thus “shall we suppose the evangelic history a mere fiction? Indeed, my friend, it bear not the marks of fiction, on the contrary, the history of Socrates, which no body presumes to doubt, is not so well attested as that of Yahoshea Meshiyach. Mohandis K. Gandhi, a Hindus and political leader puts it this way, “A man who was completely innocent offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies and became the ransom of others, it was a political act”.

Truly, Yahoshea means many things to many people. He touches their lives in various forms ranging on the perception of any individual’s faith on him. For example, Count Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist and philosopher made this comment after accepting Yahoshea, “For thirty five years of my life, in the proper acceptance of the word, nihilist  a man who believed in nothing. But five year ago, my faith came to me, I believed on the doctrines of Yahoshea and my whole life underwent a sudden transformation”.

Down to centuries, countless men and women have made the momentous discovery that the wealth and pleasures of the world are here only for a moment and of a passing satisfaction, a transient happiness or fleeting contentment. Countless men and women have reached at the end of their tethers and turn to Yahoshea in desperation and found life treasure in him. They got their eyes opened, their priorities set right and their true sense of value restored by the focus or belief on the carpenter from Gallilee.

It is known fact that many Christians are upheld by such testimonies especially when they receive their bodily healings, acquire some prosperous elevation through increased wage or patronage. To them Yahoshea came to enhance their material glory and they term such attribute as his real assignment in life.

Yahoshea’s ministry was decorated with miracles, signs and wonders. People brought to him many afflicted persons and with spoken word, he cured all. He rebuke wind and it abated, Although this era of the telescope and the microscope, of space exploration and of genetic engineering seems to allow little room for reports of miraculous works and divine wonders.

Some doubters of Yahoshea have expressed that account of his miracles are fantasies and allegorical. They conclude that such recorded miracles were nothing more than marketing devices to propagate his faith. Some see the miracles as outright fraud. For instance, on registering his disagreement with Yahoshea’s miracles, 18th century Scottish philosopher David Hume asserted as such  “A miracle is a violation of the law of nature’.

The World Book Encyclopedia calls a miracle “an event that cannot be explained through the known laws of nature”.

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