Is There Consciousness After Death?

We thank and praise Yahweh for unveiling the secret of the ancients, those truths that were hidden under the face of golden light through the appointed Comforter of mankind. Now that lawlessness or sinfulness has dominated, occupied and colonized the thoughts of sons of men, what do we do to free ourselves? Again what are the source of mans downfall? And how can we gain freedom from our evil ways? To answer this questions, we must identify our negative thoughts to be the cause of our downfall supported by the roving spirits of the earth hounds.

While the science of physiology treats on mortal body and its paraphernalia with its maintenance, the spiritual science or religion goes ahead to treat on the spiritual self or body of a human being. As the physical body are maintained by good diets, water and air, the spiritual body is sustained by the true word of Yahweh. That is why the search for the pure and truthful doctrines has constituted the efforts of truth seekers from creation till today. And there is a great controversy between the truth seekers and the truth twisters.

Some of the great questions of life are who is man? Where is he from? Where is he right now? and where will he be after Here? Are there consciousness or awareness after death? Or does the death means final end? These questions have occupied the efforts of great thinkers as well as well meaning religionist from ages past till presently.

The scripture bore witness that man is created in the image and in the likeness of Yahweh his maker, then what is the image of Yahweh? The image of Yahweh is a form or prototype of Yahweh. Then it means that man bore in him the characteristics of Yahweh with him. This is equally supported by the scriptural account of creation of man “And Yahweh formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostril the breath of life and man become a living soul”. This account rightly pointed out that man was not a living soul until Yahweh breathed the breath of life into his nostril. This teaches us that, that man is a dual being. One is the fleshy or carnal self, while the second is the sprit self which is the breath of life and which can be summed to be Yahweh’s image and likeness.

Since man bear in himself the breath of Yahweh concludes that man is Yahweh. It is like some one fetched water from River Nile in Egypt and transport it into Nigeria or to anywhere else, that water in the container is of River Nile and is Nile water, so it can be summed up as Nile. Without minding the flesh of a man which is a container or a garment to the breath of Yahweh which is the spirit, man is that spirit called Yahweh. So no matter the corruption or pollutions we pass through as rebellious humans we are still the individualizations of Yahweh.

It is reasonable to note that one of the characteristic of Yahweh is that he is deathless. Never a lime he was not, no time will he seize to be because he is eternal in all qualifications. Man being the prototype of Yahweh has the same quality of deathlessness in him but has the abi1ity to remove the garment or housing called the material body. And that is the process of translation or transmission, which is erroneously termed as death. The world death means the final end. But in the case of human, he doesn’t go through such horrible state because he is endless and deathless. When the body separates from the spirit, the body goes back to the dust while the spirit move back to the spiritual realm from where it came from. The spirit can merge back to Yahweh, if it satisfied Yahweh through his records on earth, but if he failed in his accounts, he will be kept at another spiritual realm called Earthbound spirit world.

The body returns to the ground as it is stated in the scripture “You will return to the ground, for out of it you were taken, for dust you arc and to dust you will return” while the spirit goes out to the spiritual world as is asserted in the book of Yahweh which spoke of Rachel when she gave birth to a son and wanted to die “As her sprit was going out, she called his name Ben-Oni; but his father called him Benjamin” again when Elijah raised the widow’s son, the scripture says “Yahweh listened to Elijah’s voice, so that the spirit (soul) of the child came back within him and he came to life”. Going out of spirit is a movement which confirms that spirit of the dead ones arc conscious.

Yahoshea Meshiyach, the saviour of mankind attributed death to a mere sleep. He explained this to his disciples when they were going to raise Lazarus who has pass on for four days ago, Yahoshea said “Lazarus our friend has gone to rest but 1 am journeying there to awaken him from sleep” during translation, the spirit goes out of the body and the body returns to its original form as a mere dust.-Many religious practitioners are of the belief that man cannot be conscious after death, and they quote many books like  “For the living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything, -whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no works, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest”. Then the question is who is the author of the book of Ecclesiastics? it is a poetic book of King Solomon, is Solomon a prophet of Yahweh? Is he inspired to know what is obtainable in Spirit?

The Spiritual things are for spiritual men, the same book of Ecclesiastic said in the book as “Thou shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return to Yahweh who gave it. That means death is a separation of the spirit from the body.

Many argumentations over the immortality of soul claims that the soul is the man himself and after death it worth to nothing or to a mere sleeping man to be raised during Yahoshea’s second coming. That is truth because man is dual personality. Manhas body, and spirit, while the body is the garment of the spirit, spirit is the force that propels the body.

The flesh and spirit coming together form a living soul which is man himself. The soul and spirit are not same both in meaning and as a being as it is said in Bible dictionary. “While the soul is called the Nephesh in Hebrew word as was used in the scripture, it was translated 428 limes as soul, translated as life in 119 times as person in 79 limes and as creature in 19 limes. Nephesh is not part of the person but it is person himself” (Bible dictionary by Siegfried H. Page l06l). The Hebrew word used for spirit is Ruach which is defined in Gesenius Lexicon us follows (a) Spirit or breath (b) Breath of the nostril, (c) breath of air.

The church inspite of their doctrinal differences believe that Yahoshea Meshiyach whom they renamed to Jesus Christ is still alive after his death at Calvary and they render their prayers and supplication to him, then how do they think that other mortals who arc from the same maker with Yahoshea Meshiyach will only stop or ‘sleep unconscious in the grave waiting for the day of resurrection? If Yahoshea is alive after translation1, the sons of men will be alive after translation equally.

He is the second Adam and through him disciples were made whom he taught the real way and mysteries of 1ife. He came to demonstrate how perfect man looks like.


Meshiyach  Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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