Light And Sound of God In Your Life

The Holy Spirit is a very common language in Nigeria and indeed the whole world as everybody religious or spiritual likes to make claim to the Holy Spirit. Some go to the extent of commanding the Holy Spirit to do one thing or the other. At other times, the call on the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost or whatever they call it to kill their enemies, fellow children of God. We hear all these things about the Holy Spirit on radio, TV and other religious gathering. This is a reflection of the fact that most of us do not know what the Holy Spirit is all about let alone sending it to kill or injure another. But the Holy Spirit acts unbidden and does not respond to such frivolous requests.

The Holy Spirit is the Voice of God. It is mistakenly called different names by different religious groups based on their own level of understanding this essence of God popularly known as the Holy Spirit. Some call it Holy Ghost, Logos, the Comforter and many other names that are not necessary to repeat here. But it does not change the essence of this Voice of God. Through the agency of the Holy Spirit all things in existence are created, nurtured and sustained. Without the Holy Spirit, nothing can exist. In fact within the Holy Spirit, we live, move and have our being. This is why all our thoughts, words and actions and feelings are monitored by the Holy Spirit.

But how can one recognize this Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit does not have a form but IT manifests Itself for those who are fortunate to see It as the Light and Sound. The Light lights the way back home for those Souls who are ready while the Sound leads man on the direction to follow back home to God. If one checks all recorded history of those who have encountered God, one would find the Light as a common denominator within those experiences. This is because people are familiar with the Light but know little or nothing about the Sound of God. But without the Sound, Soul cannot find Its way back home to God. Most religious groups have the Light but they do not know nor do they have the Sound of God also known as the audible life current.  But it is within this Sound of God that the individual Soul can find this knowledge and wisdom of God. This Light and Sound of God reflect within the physical world including our earth (and the physical universes) as intelligence. Within the psychic worlds (from the first heaven to the fourth heaven), the Holy Spirit is manifested as Light and in the pure Spiritual Worlds, it is manifested as Sound. But within the individual Soul, the Holy Spirit is manifested as Light and Sound since Soul was made from the fabric of the Holy Spirit. In other words, Soul is the Holy Spirit individualized. But because It wears a physical HU-man body, Soul forgets who It is and regards himself or herself as man, woman, goat or bird. But all things that have life are Soul created in the image and likeness of God. It is not the physical body of man that is created in the image and likeness of God but the spiritual aspect known as Soul but seen as Light and heard as Sound.

If the individual is opportuned to see himself out of the body during a spiritual out of body experience, he would find that the spiritual body of man, the body of glory, is like a thousand shinny dots of light. This is the real Soul and not the Hu-man body that is being worshipped and cared for out of ignorance. This is why it is told that life exists outside the HU-man body but the orthodox religious body are ignorant of this and they tell their followers that   ‘don’t worry, you will go to heaven’. When asked how to get there or the way to heaven, they really do not know. How to get to heaven is not stipulated in most religious Holy Books and as such most self- styled ‘men of God’ do not know the way but they continue to deceive their equally gullible followers. The way to the heavens of God lies within the forehead of man but it will forever be shut to those who worship prosperity gods and are interested only in materiality.

For the individual to recognize and know the Holy Spirit of God is very easy and direct. One of the ways of doing this is to block one’s ears with the two forefingers and one can hear the Sound of God roaring within the individual. This Sound is the sound of the rushing wind, the roar of the sea, the chipping of crickets, the singing of birds, the bleating of goats, the croaking of frogs, the sound of thunder and the sound of the little baby crying. It can also be found as the voice of the old man waiting to die, the sound of rain drops, the sound of your generator, the sound of  the speed boat on the river and many more sounds. Nothing exists in the worlds without making this distinct sound of God. This sound is known and recognized as the HU. It is the mother of all sounds. When this sound departs from man, man is said to have died.

Once I was in my bedroom and I could hear the sound of a goat bleating. This sound from the outside physical ear, was sounding like a normal goat sound of ‘meeeh!’ But when I cocked my ‘Inner ears’ I could hear the sound of HU, the sound of God. This is how to be a man of God. The individual must have the ability to listen to the voice of God at all times and be able to act on the instructions given by God to the letter. Without this ability, how can a man lay claim to being a man of God? How can man know the will of God if he cannot hear God speak but only quotes from old and outdated Holy Books? This is why the man of today wallows in ignorance because it is the case of the blind leading the blind. You can guess where they will end up, on the wheel of Karma and Reincarnation until man learns to know who he is. He must continue to go and, go and come, go and come until the veil of illusion is removed from his eyes. This ignorance is the main cause of man’s suffering on earth today despite numerous prayers!

But how can a man learn how to listen to this Voice of God commonly known as the Holy Spirit?

Like I have mentioned almost on a weekly basis in this column, a man who wants to play professional football must have a coach who will teach him the techniques of holding the ball, passing it and doing all sorts of things with the ball until his body and the ball know each other. Likewise a man who wants to be a doctor or pilot needs a guide who will perform surgery in his presence several times before he can master surgery himself. The trainee pilot can read all books on flying but not until he learns how to fly with a trained pilot, he can never move a plane.

When it comes to Spirituality, a man becomes a ‘man of God’ overnight and he begins by commanding the Holy Spirit only by quoting from existing Holy Scriptures without knowing who he is or knowing or understanding God Almighty. From this level of ignorance, he starts ministering to people who are now directed astray from God. But do not be deceived, for whatever a man sews, that shall he reap. There is no escape from this law of Karma. Every man will account for whatever he has done while on earth, there is no waving aside any transgression especially the ones committed against God.

So for a man to develop this ability to listen to this Voice of God and understand the will of God, he must have a Spiritual Coach known as the Living Word. He is the Living Godman whom God has given the responsibility to gather all Souls that are ready and willing to go back home to God. Once those Souls have been contacted, they are in turn linked to the Audible Lifestream, the Sound of God that now guides them back home to God while still alive. Thus man can visit the heavens of God several times before death and come back to write the story for others to read and quote.

How can man make contact with the Spiritual Coach?

In this column, I have written severally on contacting the Spiritual Coach. There is no need to book appointment, no need for any payments except a burning desire for God Almighty. When the individual is tired of all the stories offered in different paths and is ready to know God, then he shall become the seeker. As a seeker he needs to connect with God so that his life of mystery can be brought to an end. Prayer cannot lead him to this point. What the individual needs is the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God.

When the individual sings the HU, he is indicating his interest in going back home to God. This is why some will accept the HU, while others will not embrace this Holy and Sacred name of God. For those who do, they can contact God in their dreams when they sing the HU. The HU is sung as the last activity at night before sleep and first thing in the morning to get guidance from God. Sometimes the individual can experience the Light of God. At other times, they can hear the Sound. Once the individual has this experience, they have begun their journey back home to God!



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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