Managing Your Housemaids

Housemaid is a female domestic employee who is employed to do housework.

Regardless of her background, your maid is just like any other person that deserves to be respected. You are indeed the boss and you should treat your maid in a way that you will like your boss in your office to treat you.

Treating a maid fairly will bring you lot of benefits, both tangible and intangible. It is worth the effort on trying to make her employment with you a happy one.

Before you employ a maid, you should think very well about your expectation of the maid. State the rules from the start. It is employment contract, not a mother-daughter relationship. As soon as the maid is hired, make sure she fully understands what is expected of her. Most housemaids are smart, they have been at domestic housekeeping for a while, and they can always tell when a house mistress would be tough or easy.

You are employing a housemaid not housemate, hire somebody you can control not someone who will want to exercise an equal right with you in your house. Every employee is a subject to his or her employer.

A maid you bringing into your home whether known or unknown should have her personal room where she alone can stay to avoid all forms of trouble. Avoid letting her sleep in the living room or corridor so that in case of any male member of the family is passing by, he does not catch a glimpse and see what he is not suppose to see as a result lead into temptation.

It is what the eyes see that the  heart goes after, keep your valuables away from maids, some maids that steal their boss’ valuables eg phones, jewelleries, money etc have no intention, but because continuous seeing, leads them into temptation. So it is better to prevent them from seeing those valuables than cure it.

Another thing somebody should do while employing a maid is to place her family first in everything, does your husband like large boost or bosom ladies, then avoid hiring a maid with such an endowment. Is she very attractive? That’s no go area considering men tendencies. Are all your children males? Then only hire a male servant. Are all your children females? Likewise only hire a female maid. Have this commonsense so that you don’t ruin your marriage and home.

Resolve conflict amicably with your maid. Treating a maid like some pieces of rag is inhuman, if something is troubling you, it is better not to react immediately. Set aside time for regular meetings in which you can discuss any disturbing issues. Do express your concern but be prepared to hear her out, something must have prompted her into doing what is making you to do what she did. Don’t ever abuse your maid, like earlier said that regardless of her background, your maid is just like any other person that deserves to be respected. If you don’t like the attitude of the maid, don’t abuse her verbally or physically, you may get into trouble with the law.

A healthy employer-employee relationship is beneficial to both you and the maid. It should start with first a proper communication with reasonable expectation, house ruler and personal preference, follow by consistent feedback and rewards for good work.

If manage your maid well and she is willing to follow, she may in the end become an integral part of your family. Your maid can be a big support for you in life.

A happy maid is an efficient maid. A happy maid can go the extra mile to help you and look after your baby just like her own baby and your parents just like her parents. ###

Edith Nse Friday



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