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The Growing State Of Insecurity, A Threat To Nigeria’s Future

There is no longer confidence on the part of the masses with what the government is doing in tackling the ever increasing rate of brewing insecurity in the country. The insecurity of Nigerian state is worrisome considering the huge amount of money spent on security. The security vote which in a way is translated to huge billions of naira is fund used by the President, governors and local government chairmen to fight insecurity in their area of jurisdiction.

The level of insecurity in Nigeria has reached an alarming rate. Indeed, no week passes without report of unknown gunmen slaughtering humans like animals in the streets of Nigerian cities. Who are the unknown gun men? Are they spirit? Are they living on different planet? The rhetorical questions may not need answers but is mind boggling. And Nigerians are also not satisfied with what is happening. Insecurity has given room to fear of uncertainty in the country.

The federal government of Nigeria is spending heavily on the military. The Nigeria police force has received vehicles and communication gadgets in the name of combat ready to fight insecurity in the country despite their salary being under review by every successive government. Today every police formation in Nigeria boasts of armoured cars and unlike in those days when police only carry guns.

The security strategies of the combined force of the military are not yielding substantial result. There are some names given to crime fighting military set up, known as Joint Military Task Force JTF and operation polo shield. In the face of these dreadful military set ups in the country, gun men are still striving and carrying out their nefarious and heinous activities. Indeed, in Nigeria all the governors and local government chairmen have provided crime fight equipment to the police.

In recent times, it is no longer news that there is high rate of state of insecurity in the country. The Private Secretary to Edo State Governor, Olaitan was killed by unknown gunmen in 2012 in Benin. Up till now, the police, and state security service could not unravel the killers of the private secretary. Adams Oshiomole has raised dust and brim stone but to no avail. So many Nigerians have been killed by unknown gunmen without trace of the killers.

In this era, police stations are the target of unknown gun men attacks. It is indescribable that gun men would have temerity to attack police stations and army check points. In those days in Nigeria, police stations are safe haven; where there was maximum security. Today police stations across the country are prime target of gun men attacks. What is wrong with the security system and strategies in Nigeria?

Insecurity in Nigeria is no longer a thing at night but of broad day light. Indeed, most of the killings are done in broad day light and without arrest of the assailants. It has become a game where men and women enroll to shoot at target without missing.

During the 2012 London Olympics Nigeria did not win any medal. But there are shooters known as unknown gunmen who do not miss their target. The future of the country is at stake; if nothing is not done to bring the terrible and life threatening situations under control. If the looming insecurity threat is not stopped by force it will give room to anarchy.

The escalation of unknown gunmen attacks in Kano, Borne, Bauchi and, Kaduna states etch and Kidnapping in Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers and other States calls for proactive action by all the tiers of government. In Bayelsa, even when they have approved death penalty for kidnappers, the trade is on the aggressive rate. Insecurity does not have any regard for constituted authority in any country. The trend does not support economic move of the government.

It is unthinkable to believe that unknown gunmen could kill a serving Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Chibuike Aseidu on Sunday 3rd March without immediate arrest of the hoodlums. If such high profile killing is under going the normal ritual of investigation by the security agencies, what do you expect? More insecurity and more killings. The emir of Kano who returned to the country few days ago was attacked by unknown gun men. Where there is insecurity fear comes in to weaken the people from carrying their lawful duties in the country.

The wave of insecurity in the country is also a threat to the economy and investment. No economy improves in the state of insecurity.

Because investors might be discouraged no matter the lucrative campaign by the Federal Government. No one puts his hand in fire that is before him. The incessant attacks on security operatives in the country are big threat to the future of Nigeria. Therefore, government should not make mere statement to arouse the feeling of the people. Something urgent must be put in place to arrest the Monster ravaging the nation’s integrity.

Often time, when crime is committed the slogan one hears is we are n top of the situation. But in the end nothing comes out that some body was on top.

This is not time for lip service to the people of Nigeria. It is a time for government and the people to tackle the insecurity situation with a human face and not with inciting talk. Nigerians needs security and not insecurity. In conclusion, let all Nigerians stand up against insecurity if indeed we expect future development as a people of one nation.

If the commissioner of police with guards and ammunition can be killed easily without trace what is the fate of the masses without a club and giant gate. ###

Frank Eneawaji Ogwuonuonu


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