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Nigeria as a nation is facing some security challenges as never before. Nigeria fought a civil war without much fear of bomb blast as it is seen now. It was only the presence of soldiers in the villages or towns that would trigger panic. But the suspicion for bomb blast was never a serious issue in the mind of Nigerians as the only major or common weapons used were mainly guns and sometime jet fighters. And the planting of bombs by Federal Government or Biafrian soldiers in the Nighbourhoods was hardly heard of during the civil war time. But now the reverse is the case.
Today, bomb blast is reported everyday especially on Sunday, when Christians gather together to worship their God. It is no longer news that there are bombs in the country. Indeed, Nigerians witness the havoc of bombs on their fellow citizens. Bombs do not move from one place to another without human beings moving them. It is a serious matter to hear and see that Nigeria is infiltrated by enemies of peace. There is a threat to life in the Country and many Nigerians are helplessly watching the killing of fellow country people. There is need for an answer to all the security challenges Nigeria is facing now.
There is need to say enough is enough to this senseless killings of innocent citizens. Nigeria is not the only multi religious nation in the world; therefore no religious organization should oppress and suppress other religions by intimidating the followers by way of killing them. Blood does not fail to ask for another blood. Therefore, to avoid further blood-shed, the perpetrators should desist from it.
It is no longer a statement of guess work as Boko Haram, an Islamic religious sect has claimed responsibility for most of the bombings in Nigeria. In every religion there are fanatics or extremists who can go the extra mile and do the unreasonable. Boko Haram has bombed churches without fear of God. Whether Allah or any deity does not require blood of humans any longer, it is time to make known the evil of Boko Haram. If their lives are not precious to them, they should think of what to do and leave others alone. The killing of Nigerians and foreigners in Nigeria is unacceptable in the sight of God.
It is time to prove to Nigerians that no religion owns the Federal Government of Nigeria or the Federation called Nigeria, Nigeria belongs to every Nigerian to govern if there is an opportunity.
Nigeria is not as complex as the United States when one talks of complexity of her citizens. We are all blacks in Nigeria and we believe in the freedom of worship as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution of 1999. The level of insecurity is alarming in Nigeria.
Today, we hear of suicide bombing in the nation, which was alien to Nigerians.
Thus, recently, the bombing of This Day newspaper, killing of cattle traders at Potiskom and the killing of fifteen people including two professors in the chapel at the Bayero University Kano (BUK) is a wakeup call for Nigerians to fight the scourge of religious extremists who are terrorizing our dear nation.
It is time for all to engage ourselves in making sure peace is allowed to come back to the country. Boko Haram does not want Nigerians to hold or host ceremonies any longer. Wedding ceremony is also a place for bombing. The striking and disturbing issue is that Boko Haram believes that western education is a taboo or a sacrilege. But the irony is that the guns and bombs they use in their oppression are products of western education. Who is bewitching who? Cessation is not the problem but psychological mentality defect is a major problem. Cessation is not an answer but collective fight against the agent of terror is the best option.
Indeed, every Nigerian is a sufferer of the activities of Boko Haram which has given room to serious security problems in the country. The time to win insecurity in Nigeria is now. Nigerians believe in unity in diversity. Therefore let us unite and fight insecurity and religious extremism to a standstill. Nigerians should not wait for another dispensation before the spate of insecurity and extremism is killed in the country. Every Nigerian is a victim of Boko Haram’s activities. Therefore all the tribes, ethnic groups, religious organizations should as a matter of urgent national issue disorientate their members from indulging in merciless killing of their fellow human beings.
The Federal Government of Nigeria, headed by President Goodluck Jonathan should not be treated with conspiracy and suspicion that will undermine the efforts of Government in curbing the menace of Boko Harain in the society. The Security agents should abide by the ethics of the profession. It was a pathetic sight in Nigeria few months, ago to note that a suspect of security threat to Nigeria, one Kabiru Sokoto who was arrested by the police, escaped from the police custody. It was an embarrassment to our security agencies. And that alone has exposed many things to the unsuspecting Nigerians about our security agents. Today Boko Haram is killing the police, soldiers without fear. This fight against insecurity should not be left in the hands of Government only.
The government should embark on intelligent training of the security officials. Boko Haram finds it easy to attack soldiers and police check points without a second thought of reprisal attack by government intelligent agencies. Religion is not a tool for killing of people. Rather it is a tool to save humanity from death to life. Nigeria is a great nation, therefore it will not be proper to allow her to suffer in the hands of criminals.
Enough is enough of the killings in Nigeria. Some are afraid to say evil is bad and yet they are still killed by the same evil. Boko Haram has done its worst in Nigeria, yet they are not tired. President Goodluck Jonathan is Nigeria and Nigeria is President Goodluck Jonathan. Any threat from Boko Haram to Mr. President is to all Nigerians, therefore we must frown at it without negotiation. Let us fight against insecurity and religious extremism in Nigeria.

Frank Eneawail Ogwuonuonu

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