Coming to America, Soul’s Journey Home to God

The tires of the Jetliner touched down at Minneapolis St Paul International with a gentle kiss on the tarmac. It was like the gentle kiss of a lover on the lips of another.
‘Welcome to America’ was the information from the cockpit and the more than two hundred passengers on the flight from Amsterdam were relieved to be stepping out of the plane after five hours of fight with only a three hour stop at Schippol Airport.
With more than eighteen hours of flight behind me, I flipped on my handbags and moved through the aisle to immigration. Ofcourse the security guys were waiting as I walked confidently through the first set. Later we formed a line for the necessary formalities.
‘Welcome sir’ said the Immigration officer politely while checking through my crowded passport.
‘How many days do you intend to stay in the US?’
‘Ten days?’ I replied calmly
With my passport stamped, fingerprints taken, I was free to go through Customs. Within minutes, my bags were belted out and I went through Customs fast.
‘Gusi? Ogbono?’ Asked the Custom Officials politely.
‘Non’ I replied and moved on.
Going through the bends and turns, the escalators and the elevators within the airport, I found my way to the taxi ramp and I was on my way to my pre-booked hotel.
‘You cannot but notice how beautiful the Country is’ I whispered to no one in particular. But I could feel the presence of my Spiritual Guide beside me in the van. Looking right, left and center I could not find one single piece of paper on the road from the airport to my hotel in downtown Minneapolis.
‘This is Heaven!’ I enthused
The voice of the Somalian Taxi Driver jarred me from my reverie.
‘That would be $55.00 please’
I did a mental calculation in my brain and quickly realized that I must apply the law of economy to survive for the next ten days on my tight budget. In this country everyone works for their money and as such nobody would waste money on trivial things.
I paid the taxi fare read from the meter installed and walked to the beautiful reception of a normal five star hotel.
‘Welcome Sir!’ said the receptionist with obvious excitement.
Any regular customer from Nigeria would usually get that kind of welcome.
‘Thank you.” I replied ‘I have a reservation please?’
‘A moment please’
Within minutes I had my electronic keys to my room, and I was safely relaxed in one of the high floors. I settled down to sing HU the Holy and Sacred name of God to thank God for His usual protection.
HU is a Holy and Sacred name for God that can be sung in times of joy and likewise when one desires the love of God or protection. But it is a prayer song that makes no demands from God. It simply says ‘God let Thy will be done!’
As I sang HU, I reviewed the trip from Nigeria.
I had decided to fly through Lagos to the US through Amsterdam in Holland because of the exorbitant rates from Port Harcourt directly. I was on my way to a Spiritual Seminar in America.
The flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos was smooth and I was completely relaxed as I felt the presence of my Spiritual Guide beside me assuring me that He would be with me through. Ofcourse He had invited me earlier for the seminar spiritually. He has the capacity to be with all his students at the same time spiritually since he is the Godman of the times. He is appointed by God to lead those who are ready and wish to go back home to God in this lifetime.
As the aircraft taxied to take off, I could hear the sound of the HU from the jet engines. This sound was also similar to the sound coming from within me so I blended the two sounds by singing this song of love, a song of God. This sound is the HU. It is present in all living things and is capable of connecting the sincere seeker to God directly without any intermediaries.
We arrived Lagos within one hour and I quickly got a taxi for the international airport terminal for a six -hour wait for my connecting flight to Amsterdam. Shortly after 10pm, we boarded after going through the numerous ‘checkpoints’.
The Schippol International Airport made our international airport look like a village airstrip as I could see how an airport is expected to look like. Apart from the standard features of an international airport, I could see that a portion of the tarmac is actually built on a driveway within the city. What a marvel!
This is actually one of the best airports in the world and the security within the airport was tight. It was their responsibility to ensure that no ‘uninvited persons’ cross into their country.
Within some three hours we were on our way to God’s own country.
Again, I was woken up from my immediate past to the present as my phone rang. It was time for dinner and as usual we headed to one of the numerous ‘Chinese Restaurant’. In Nigeria Chinese cuisine is considered as one of the best while in America they are for the middle and low- income brackets.
The journey to America reminded me of my own trip to the heavens of God.
Going to the heavens of God requires three main things on the part of the individual who is sincere and interested. Some of us are only interested in ‘plucking the fruits of the garden.’ We are not interested in the Owner of the Garden, God. And so we are satisfied in ‘plucking’ all the time through our numerous prayers to God. But whosoever knows the ‘Gardener,’ God, has been given all without request.
‘Seek first the kingdom of heaven and…………’
The first requirement is for the individual to know and agree that it is possible to visit the heavens of God while still alive and return to write the story in a Holy Book for others less adventurous to read and quote in a future date. Any one who tells you that you need to die before going to the heavens of God does not know the way. Period!
The second requirement is for the individual to find someone that knows the way or a Wayshower. The Wayshower must have the ability to lead the individual through the many psychic traps on the way to the heavens of God.
The third requirement is for the individual to purify himself through the spiritual exercises of the Light and Sound of God. This is because without the Light and Sound of God, the individual cannot access the pure heavens of God if he even manages to access the lower heavens.
The Light lights the way for the individual to see the pitfalls on the road while the Sound will lead the individual to the right direction home to God.
Above all these three, the individual’s love for God must be like a drowning man’s desire for fresh air to survive.
Just as we have security checkpoints in traveling to another country so also we have check points on our journey through the heavens of God.
Lagos to Port Harcourt can be likened to a journey from our physical world to the first heaven known as Astral plane. This is where we visit anytime we are asleep. This is the world of dreams and emotions.
Amsterdam marks the division between the psychic worlds (the second, third and fourth heavens) and the pure heavens of God. This is why the checks there are more thorough. Just like it is the responsibility of ‘satan’ to ensure that no impure soul enters into the pure heavens of God, it is also the responsibility of the people at Schippol International in Amsterdam to ensure that no uninvited soul crosses into the United States.
Just as we flew through the Atlantic dividing Europe and America so also will Soul going to the pure heavens of God have to fly through ‘a dark zone’ that demarcates the lower heavens of God and the pure heavens of God. Here one will need a Spiritual Guide to be able to pass through. No other can take Soul through these dark worlds except the Spiritual Coach whom God Almighty has appointed to do so.
The Spiritual Coach can be contacted when the ready individual sings the HU the Holy and Sacred name of God.
Only the bold and the adventurous can see God while the meek and gullible will continue to inherit the earth and all therein!
Bon Voyage!!

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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