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When A Man Refused To Propose In Long Time Relationship

The essence of relationship is to get married as to set your own family. It is then become serious and suspecting to relations of both partners when they take so long in a relationship without rapting it up in the altar.

It becomes more worrisome to the lady’s family and associates when a man in a lady’s life refused to proposed to his long time partner in relationship.

There might be factors responsible to his inability to propose to her despite his professed of love for her.

Here Soulmate could address the topic as we see it

A man who is really in love will never want to delay in claiming the lady in his life as his only and one love officially and legally.

This is where we know whether the man in question come for marriage or he is after fun. The action and attitude of the man in question will prove all that.

In certain cases, the man may really be in love but limited by cash to claim the lady as his officially and legally prized woman before the world. Hence he delay his proposal waiting for him to land or secure a better job, before planning for wedding the woman he has gone out with for along time.

In certain cases, the man was just enjoying the goodness of the lady while having plan to either marry someone different somewhere. Though he professes love to her, and most cases, demonstrates in acting to love the lady, while in reality he is just acting to enjoy the lady, either sexually or her money or way of helping him achieve one thing or the other.

Sometimes, the man was just taking his time, making a sincere study about the lady’s family’s total background.

When situation come to this level what should be her position and reactions?

The lady concern in such situation should start making her own personal study about the true position of things.

Yes, it is time to ask questions, before she ask the questions, the man must have taken her to his people? Do you know his people! Do you know his home town, what of his biological parents?

Every lady in such situation must do one thing, urge your man to take you to his parents. Do well to know his immediate family at his home town. Do the parents of your so call man love you, are his siblings and relations welcome you to their family? Are they willing to support your relationship with their son or brother?

These findings will give you a background of why he refused to propose to you even as you have spent long time with him in that relationship.

Know also that no matter how you love a man; never pressure him to marry you. Let the marriage proposal come straight from his mind. This gives you advantageous position not to be maltreated at the slightest provocation. Know also that marriage is all about love, and love entails sincerity, patience sacrifice, this is only when the partner you are sharing your life with is worth it.

Where you are not regarded, where your feeling, happiness and emotional aspect of life are not respected and considered, baby girl, beware there is no love in that relationship, but if you allow yourself to be beclouded by the material gains and how good he is in bed for you, then do not complain where the bubble burst on you.

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