Is Yahweh Responsible For Natural Disasters?

Really, by spiritual and scientific angles of life, it is concluded fact that mortals are the real managers of the universe. Again from each of the angle, it is discovered that mortals equally are bad managers that give rise to many monumental reports and nemesis.

For instance, science has uncovered several serious and specific problems that undermine the bulwarks of the mountains ecosystems. Most of those threats are man-made in form of global warmings, development projects, subsistence farming and wars.

So if man’s mismanagement of the earth can directly effect mountains that are seen as giant in nature, what other aspect of earth system that can be free of claws of human misadventures.

Religious scientists on their own concept have equally come to conclusion that the earth is ruined by men’s mismanagement of the divine-precepts’.

Consequently, this thought gave rise to allegations and counter allegations amongst various religiou communities in events of any natural disaster. Various religions of different colourations points accusing fingers to others of opposing thought to be the cause of such mayhems.

Really all religions are truthful when they see man’s evil works as responsible for earth mishaps but at the same time are wrong for self-exonerations by each of them in such moments. It is only religious community that adequately observe Yahweh’s set rules and doctrines that can be exonerated for contributing to the destruction of the universe and its inhabitants.

According to Holy Originally Inspired Scriptures, in the beginning Yahweh existed on his own accord, and existed for forty-eight trillion years alone before he created his first son called Yahshem (spoken word of Yahweh).

Both Yahweh and Yahshem lived together for five million years and in those years, Yahshem mastered what was conceived in Yahweh’s mind.

At that moment, Yahweh instructed Yahshem (his son) to create into existence all that he saw in Yahweh’s mind.

Yahshem responded by starting to create the earth and its occupants from the first day of the week known as Sunday in modern Roman calendar and ended creation on sixth day called Friday by mortals. On that sixth day that end his creations, he moulded two enfacts with red mud and fused his breath into their nostrils and they became human beings.

He therefore bestowed upon the mortals the sceptre of rulership of the earth and equally gave them needed guidelines and laws when they grew to manhood.

In those beginning, the earth was directly linked to Yahweh’s purpose for humanity. Yahweh’s original purpose for mankind is not for them to experience awful and mind-melting occurrences as seen in natural disasters.

In those beginning era, earth was made perfect and all its inhabitants were in perfect order. There were no iota of misgivings in nature.

Holy Originally Inspired Scriptures submit that Yahweh gave mortals three major laws as thus. To reach and address him in his personal ineffable name Yahweh through Yahshem his son, to keep Sabbath day holy  and for mortals to love others more than selves.

Although there are other minor laws as feastings, tithing and appreciation, but whence men held firm to these set of laws they will reap peace but if they deviate, they will reap disobedience by all other creatures they are leading.

As man left Yahweh’s order and embrace rebellion, all other entities or species of creation rise against man and his rulership. Both earth and ecosystem became loose from its real suspensions.

So sins of men are the cause of all natural disasters.

At the current moment, there is flood disaster cutting across many nations of the universe. Many cities and homes are flood with waters because of ocean surges and it has become concern of global community.

By this flood, I came to experience that too many idol shrines that are located by riversides were swept off by the flood. Their images, scuptors and relics were swept away by the devastating flood. Their priests and servants were either drowned, wounded or ran way for their dear lives. Yet, these are gods and goddesses of many peoples and generations that are treated as infallables and powerful capable of surmounting all challenges in life.

Their worshippers are often seen boasting of powers of their gods and goddesses and like peacock claim to have control over mysteries of life.

Truly majority of idol shrines are located by riverines and that can be seen as culture. No river that escape being deitified by men and along them are scattered shrines where water spirits are worshiped and appeased.

Example can be taken from Indian and Africa cultures. In India, River Ganges that flow along Benerasi and Venerage is the centres for collection of idol gods and their shrines. Hindu devotees go to such river for spiritual bathing or cleansing and equally enter into any of the scattered shrines for worship of Vishnu or other gods or goddesses.

This is same cultures in Africa, all rivers have deities that are erected by them as for appeasing the water gods and spirits.

This culture is sporadic world over, but the present flood has proven that those acclaimed powerful gods and goddesses that inhabit the riverine shrines are powerless to defend themselves and their faithfuls from such ocean surge. Man know thyself..

In Niger Delta region of Nigeria, the River Niger and Orashi River accommodates most dreaded and acclaimed powerful gods and shrines but all of them were wet and carried away by the flood. The acclaimed spiritual churches (SEE FOR ME) or (TEKE) that operate along such rivers were carried away by the flood.

I see that flood as a great challenge to our idol and ancestral worshippers. This sent a signal to them that whom they trust and worship are powerless and cannot resist any iota of divine reaction. Those that worship such idols are proven to be fools and men to be counted as lesser less than beasts of the wild forests. Man know thyself. Wisemen learn their lessons once but fools waits for many chances.

Our discussion continues with the caption, “IS YAHWEH RESPONSIBLE FOR NATURAL DISASTERS? We have arrived to the answer that Yahweh is in no means responsible for such occurrences rather men whom Yahweh created and handed the scepter of earth is the real cause of such upheavals.

Man contributed to such disasters through his incessant violation of divine or natural laws handed unto him as the ruler of the earth.

Check out the real situation, you will behold that man is a bad manager of the earth. Yahweh said “thou shall not make unto thyself molten images and worship them, for I Yahweh, I am possessive and jealous”. Man violates such order by carving billions of images and set them for worship.

Major religions of the globe are highly affected by such evil attitudes. They erect one form of image or the other and sanctifies them for worship, made one useless reason for such worship and deceive their worshippers to worship and adore such images.

These images provoke Yahweh unto anger because he has put law that such things should not be formed and worshiped for any reason.



Meshiyach  Yahzitere Yahmarabhi



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