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Dear Madam,


With utmost gratitude to God Almighty, I deemed it expedient to appreciate your enormous efforts towards alleviating poverty and youth restiveness in our great country Nigeria.

It is on your magnanimity that prompted me to appeal for a “Scholarship Award” from you as a Mother of all Nigerian mostly the young visionaries that are ready to build this nation to a greater level even as we are future leaders of tomorrow.


My name is Master. Agbani Alwell Bright. An indigene of Ubeta Community in Ekpeye Kingdom in Rivers State.


It is pertinent to inform you that by my intellectual ability, I have chosen an exquisite career that will advance the legal sense of our nation. The career opportunity I have chosen after core – self evaluation to study is “Law”.


It will interest you to note that my interest in law is of immense concern.

To prove my interest coherent, I deemed it right to carry along some missing rationales in the legal system of our nation. Such rationales are defending our nation from evil, promoting the common interest and good of our country.

Resolving disputes over limited resources, encouraging people to do the right things that will not dehumanize and humiliate our nation. To have moral standard at a higher level ensuring peace and order in our country Nigeria. I also volunteer as a young youth to follow your campaign for the peace and unity of the nation because we are one indivisible country.

In addition, my interest in studying law is also to ensure that liberty, morality are maintained and to promote individual right, that is, “fundamental human right” as been enshrined in chapter iv(4) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Furthermore, having known that so many areas of the social, socio-economic, commercial, socio-cultural, educational and even political realm requires legal back up, I perceived it that it will be of a good avenue for me to make redress of some anomalies so that human life can be given value.

Also, the importance of law which stand as major factors of motivation towards my career decision cannot be over estimated. It is true because I have noticed as I am 19 years old that law have a sense of unity thereby bringing to existence core-gender sensitiveness and renders no discrimination of opposite sex. Law as a course of study has influence in its acts. It does this by redirecting and repositioning some incriminating circumstances in our environment.

Nevertheless, another factor that motivates my interest is that law brings about rigidity of contracts between different parties. Not only that, it also stipulate disciplinary and punitive measure that will be given to those who do not adhere to the former.


Finally, it is important to opine or state that the essence of my career decision – law, is not money making but to ensure that the laid down rules and regulations of the nation is strictly adhered to. Just as my legal role model Femi Falana (SAN), O.C.J. Okocha (SAN), Okey Wali (SAN), Festus Keyamo Esq. and others are doing in the nation. My faith on this profession is geared towards eradicating some corrupted and evil practices that had brought down the dignity of our nation and to promote justice, equity and fairness. This is good so that the common man can find the legal profession and the court as his or her last hope of resort.


Indeed, I will be extremely glad if my request is given favourable consideration and approval. I am hoping on your motherly gesture. Thanks in anticipation.


Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

Long live Niger Delta Region

Long live Rivers State

Long live Ekpeye Kingdom


Yours faithfully,


Master. Agbani Alwell Bright

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