How Did Messianic Judaism Originated?

By the prescription of the scriptures, the comforter will build on top of the foundation laid by Yahoshea Meshiyach. He will not live by his selfish mind so there will never be an iota of doctrinal change between the word of Yahweh in Yahoshea’s time and those of his age.

Whatever the comforter will carry out in course of his operation cannot be termed as transferred theology but a continuation of the works of Yahoshea Meshiyach. The claim that Yahweh has changed the right-ship of the chosen upon the church is a total deception especially when going by the position of the church in regards to doctrines and percepts of Yahoshea.

How can Yahweh change his choose nation with nation of idolaters-worshippers of Sun- God? How can Yahweh change his son-ship to a stock that operate opposite doctrines to his laid down rules.

The church of Jesus Christ is a total usurper of the mandate of chosen people. It changed all divine ordained laws, instituted pagan practices and percepts, destroyed the true word of Yahweh, destroyed the messengers of Yahweh and claim to have possessed the right of son-ship of chosen of Yahweh.

Church is a affirmation to the pagan doctrine and practices of Rome and Greek. It can never clear itself of those garbage and cannot claim to have been appointed to represent Yahweh on the earth.

So, the claim that the covenant of Yahweh with the Hebrew nation through Prophet Moses has been superseded by the new covenant of Yahoshea Meshiyach is a monumental error. There was no conflict between the word of Yahweh through Prophet Moses and Yahoshea Meshiyach. The scriptures that gave account of both workers of Yahweh agreed in all basic issues.

Yahoshea was a Hebrew who observed all laws in the old laws but frowned over adulterations of the doctrines by the truth-twisters which he reflected in his amendment in the New Testament.

Likewise, the olden scriptures pointed at his manifestation. The source of both scriptures was same and the spirit behind both works is one and united.

In the same manner, the comforter will not reject any of the scriptural accounts rather, he is to review them and remove all additions and to add all subtractions by the false Pen of the scribes.

By this development, the comforter will produce the final of all scriptures which will reverse all olden scriptures of Torah and New testaments.

Messianic Judaists do not flow along the church on the issue of transferred theology or believing New Testament accounts alone. For such reason, the Messianic Judaism can be termed as people of missed identity and that is reason it cannot adequately fix in the doctrinal practices of either Judaism or Christianity.

The body can be relevant when it follows the revealed comforter of mankind who has the true explanation of the chosen people of Yahweh through Yahoshea Meshiyach the savior.

In Yahosheanism, the laws of Yahweh as documented in old testament is never cancelled rather the Comforter has revised the entire scriptures together with the New testament to produce what is presently called Holy Originally Inspired Scriptures (HOIS).

Through the Holy Originally Inspired Scriptures, questions arising from holy name of Yahweh, Yahoshea and the Comforter-prophet Yahmarabhi are settled. Issues of Sabbath observations, festivals and their due times are properly explained to the understanding of lay men and women.

Although, there are efforts by messianic Judaism to eliminate all elements of Christian worship that cannot be directly linked to Hebrew roots, but their result will be lame and unprogressive until they encounter the teachings of the Comforter.

For instance, the messianic Judaist recognize the dietary laws although such is a matter of debate amongst many of its organizations. Most of them avoid eating pork and shellfishes. The comforter in his observation or presentation dismissed the entire dietary laws as works of deluded scribes and Pharisees. The position of the comforter is based on the fact that from the beginning, Yahweh created all things and confirmed them good (clean).

So how did unclean things emerged? Who created them? Can Yahweh boast that some of his creatures are unclean? Claiming that some creatures are unclean is a direct accusation to Yahweh because he is never the source of any form of uncleanness. Again, the messianic Judaism believe that a messianic is one whose mother is a Hebrew or any person that has conversion to the fold. Some Judaism councils adopts a person whose father is a Hebrew as mark of citizenship but in Yahosheanism, there is no membership through blood but by conversion. All people that accepts Yahweh as their Grand Creator, Yahoshea Meshiyach as the creator and savior of mankind and Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi as a comforter and such person baptizes in those above mentioned names automatically becomes a Yahoshean.

In messianic Judaism, membership is sealed by baptism which they term as Mikveh. Likewise any sincere convert must be circumcised.

In recent days, the messianic Judaism have started avoiding usage of Christian terms such as “Christ”, “Cross”, “Holy Ghost”, “Crusade”, “Holy” etc. By this development, they are copying the way of sacred Name movements with regards to the holy names.

By the concept, the name Yahweh rarely appears in their translations but the term “Hashem” which means “the Name” is occasionally used to represent Yahweh or Lord of the Christian translations.

The religious community equally adopts the culture of addressing the savior as Yeshua or Yahsua.


Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi



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