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Omoku Communities Caution Amaechi Against Conversion of Library Building to APC Secretariat

Following what they described as the insincerity of Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and his allies in the execution of the supposedly Omoku Library Project, the people of Omoku have warned Governor Rotimi Amaechi and his allies to stare clear of the communities property, saying the building in question remains the property of the Omoku communities.
In a statement issued by representatives of the people, dated August 11, 2014, the Omoku people narrated how Gov Amaechi came to acquire a building that accommodated the former “BeDone” located opposite the Federal Government College of Education, Omoku, but the people waited patiently and expectantly to see the Library equipped and put in use but were stunned by the volte facie of Gov Amaechi.
The Omoku people, under the Omoku Central Communities Development Committee (OCCDC) expressed disappointment in Gov Amaechi’s action as they noted that rather than equip the Library, Gov Amaechi attempted to convert the property to the All Progressives Congress (APC) secretariat. “This was a clear demonstration of an attempt at public deceit, characteristic of Amaechi’s administration,” they said.
According to the people, “in the attempt to convert the said community property to APC secretariat, and to create an atmosphere of crisis in Omoku communities, Gov Amaechi allowed APC miscreants to vandalize the property in the wake of his defection from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to APC, thereby injecting venom of partisan politics in the project.”
The Omoku people, in their statement signed by Dr. Mbadiwe Woko, Chairman of OCCDC, Comrade Ogwumike Kingsley Nonye, Omoku Youth Leader, and 14 other Elders and leaders of the various communities in the area, said it is quite disappointing that Gov. Amaechi who claimed to be a progressive could engage in such an apparent public deceit and political coloration of an issue that predates his defection to APC.
While also describing the action of one Augustine Onyekachi Wokocha, who claims that the property belongs to him, as shenanigans, and to stare clear of the property, the Omoku people reminded Governor Amaechi and his supporters to know that a community is a permanent phenomenon and remains greater than any government, individual or group, warning them to stop the issue of Coloration of the Omoku Library Project.
“The property belongs to Omoku communities by the prima facie by what Amaechi has done. So, doing anything otherwise is not only preposterous, myopic and anti-populist…but also threatens the peace of Omoku communities and we will return force to force,” the people stressed, adding that “when an individual cooks for a community, it will certainly not be enough, but when a community cooks for an individual, he or she will be overwhelmed.”

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