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Sharks Stadium Press Gallery Now Death Trap

SPORT COMMISSIONER RIVThe famous first press gallery built by His Excellency Commander Alfred Diette-Spiff (retired) for sports journalists is now a dead trap for sports journalists to do their social constitutional duty of reporting sports back to the public.

Some sports journalists have made an attempt to see whether the authority concerned could help put it in order as they continuously report the state of the press box through the media officer of Sharks, Peter Abaje to no avail.

Sports journalists now fear for their dear lives when trying to cover Sharks matches at the stadium, caution is the word in the lips of every sports journalists while trying to do their duty at that particular facility.

As of last week, while watching the match between Gombe United and Sharks, sports journalists are contemplating whether to boycott all matches involving Sharks at that stadium as the authority has failed to put the facility into order for sports journalists to perform their job at Sharks Stadium.

Even as many eyes are seeing the dilapidated state of that facility, no one is saying anything till maybe sports journalists or a sports journalist is injured or dead before the public and sports fans or lovers, particular fan of Sharks will say something to help put that facility in order for the numerous sports journalists across the nation that do use the press box (press gallery).

It is true that journalists are not too good in fighting or reporting their own cases as they do for the public when it concerned them, as social servants to the public they do sacrifice their lives under the sun and rain just to inform and enlightened the public on daily occurrence, journalists are human being like every other person(s) and needed to be accorded every right accorded to every other fellow human beings in the society.

The numerous sports journalists in Nigeria, Africa and the world appeal to the authority concerned to come to the aid of the sports journalists to put the press box (press gallery) into order, so that sports journalists will work or performance their duty at Sharks Stadium without fear of their dear lives. ###

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