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Commitment is Key To National, Religious Development– Halliday

Nigerians and Christians especially those in the congregation of Good News Bible Church have been charged to be committed to the things of God, as national and religious development and progress in life is determined by ones measure of commitment, emphasizing that no enemy decides anyone’s successes.

The senior pastor of Good News Bible Church, Apostle Gabriel Halliday gave the charge in Port Harcourt while admonishing Christians on the need to flourish than only being in existence when speaking on the topic “Commitment” with a text chosen from the book of Daniel chapter 6:1-10.

According to Apostle Halliday, commitment has no season, when he discountenance the act of commitment when conditions are palatable, saying that Daniel was committed to serving God in the face of opposition and hardship and called on Christians to wake up to their responsibilities in moving the nation and the church forward.

Halliday, who enjoined believers against wavering in the Lord, said those who waivers stands the chance of losing something good from God, noting that a committed individual does not miss or change directions.

While expressing the reality about commitment, the erudite Apostle of the gospel noted that nothing come to any man without commitment, adding that an individual constitutes the witch tormenting his or herself, without commitment to the things of God.

On the pre-requisite for commitment Apostle Halliday, reveals that sharing the word of God and being committed does not require perfection but an act of doing the unexpected.

He likened the situation to an imperfect man who was looking for opportunity, but saying to another man “come and join me for I have seen someone who could do what I have been looking for.”

While harping on the development and flourishing of the church and nation other than mere existence without substance, Halliday urged Christians to be committed in loving God, forgiving others, tithing and committed to giving their time to enhance productivity.

The man of God maintained that only commitment to the things of God can guarantee a voice in the sight of God, affirming that no man has a spiritual voice without a speaking altar.

He however, encouraged all to be committed not only in moving the church forward but the nation, assuring that the church would liberate the nation, hence the need to be committed to the things of God.

The church according to the preacher does not need crowd rather committed persons for the things of God. ###


James Mgboineme

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